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IF And Only IF

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Memo to "honest, open debaters": NOPE.

We have apparently reached such a nadir in political argument that free speech absolutism now means having to listen to Milo Nanopenis in order to be a good person. Well, feel free to go fuck yourselves.

We all know who Milo Nanopenis is. We all know what he is. Yet, for some reason, we have to be OK with him speaking at colleges and OK inviting him on Real Time with Bill Maher in order to be true to some bullshit ideal? Well, guess what. There's a time when idealism runs up against hard, practical reality, and in this case, that practical reality is the existence of irredeemable fuckholery.

I don't have to have an honest debate with an irredeemable fuckhole. I don't have to try to understand the point of view of an irredeemable fuckhole. I don't have to grant, for one single goddamned second, that the views of an irredeemable fuckhole might have a smidge of validity, or that they could somehow be defeated by giving them a platform to reveal how irredeemable a fuckhole they are. You can't make me listen. You can't shame me into listening.

I don't know if you've been paying attention, but a bunch of cockthumping neo-Nazis got their views exposed, got listened to, got involved in honest debate. And now the only thing that's stopping them from turning the country they GOT VOTED INTO FUCKING CHARGE OF into the Fourth Reich is that they're shitty neo-Nazis who can barely manage to tie their shoes. Like Milo Nanopenis.

Everyone has the right to speak. Not everyone deserves an audience. And yes, I'm comfortable denying that audience to an irredeemable fuckhole, and no, I'm not worried about some abstract bullshit false equivalency that to Milo Nanopenis, maybe I'm an irredeemable fuckhole and maybe he can stop me from speaking at a college. Eat abstract shit. Nobody's inviting me to speak at colleges anyway. If Milo thinks his words are so precious, he can pay for hosting and put them out there like me.

Giving this crap credibility out of free speech idealism is how these views become part of the mainstream and moves the spectrum of acceptability so far to the right that you people are actually arguing whether it's OK for an irredeemable fuckhole to be given ten minutes on HBO. It's not. Nothing good will come of it, unless he drives off a cliff on the way to the studio. We listened to Ann Coulter for nearly two decades, and where has that gotten us?

This isn't fear of his views, it's revulsion at them. This isn't intolerance towards who he is, it's intolerance towards what he says and does, which is still perfectly acceptable. I'll sleep easy not enabling irredeemable fuckholes.

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