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Spoiler Alert: They'll All Find Excuses

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Memo to all you fuckers: YOU ARE OUT OF EXCUSES.

President Trump's press conference yesterday was unacceptable on every level. What that means is, if you can't find a reason to object to it, there is something very wrong with it. If you're defending it, there's something very wrong with you. Let's start with the basics:


Trump talked a lot about how important facts were, so let's start here.

First, "alt-left". The term was pretty much coined by the same peole who coined the term "alt-right": the alt-right. For much the same purpose. As "alt-right" was coined by Nazis who took an introductory branding class as part of their MBA and said, "hey, what if we don't call ourselves Nazis", alt-left exists to create a false extremist label for anyone who doesn't like Nazis.

And yes, the term gained provenance amongst centrists who love false equivalency, but we'll deal (politically) with those motherfuckers later, once the current crisis has abated.

There are, yes, elements of the left who eschew non-violence and are perfectly willing to beat the shit out of a Nazi as an alternative to getting the shit beat out of them by a Nazi. There are legal and moral arguments to be had about this, but those arguments don't absolve, excuse, or affect in any way the argument that Nazis are bad and should be stopped. There is no equivalency or comparison.

Also, when trying to distinguish between the "good" right-wing protestors and the "bad" ones, Trump said this: "There were people in that rally, and I looked the night before. If you look, they were people protesting very quietly the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee"

When some shitheel on Facebook says "he wasn't defending Nazis, show me where he defended Nazis", show them this quote, because this is how he described a bunch of torch-wielding racists chanting Nazi slogans while surrounding a black church. "protesting quietly". That's defending Nazis. Fact.


Whether you believe that all-non-Trump Republicans in Washington are decent human beings just tolerating Trump's madness so that they can do the important work of making poor people suffer, or just a bunch of racists trying to hide it to varying degrees of success, yesterday's press conference can't have helped. It definitively undid the tiny amount of work Trump's clearly forced Teleprompter statement on Tuesday accomplished. Or more accurately, undid the tiny fraction Trump hadn't already shredded. Let's refresh the timeline, shall we?

First, he gave a press conference where he blamed all sides for the Nazi murder. Second, he yelled at a black CEO on Twitter for being mad that he blamed all sides for the Nazi murders. Then he read an unconvincing prepared statement where he condemned the Nazi murders, but still managed to work in the phrase "other extremist groups", which is code for Black Lives Matter. Then he whined that people didn't give him credit for that speech and suggested he might pardon America's most famous racist sheriff.

Then he retweeted a known racist whatabouting black murders in Chicago, then he retweeted (and someone deleted) a political cartoon that had been altered to show a Trump Train mowing down a journalist, then he retweeted (and someone else deleted) someone calling him a fascist, and then he gave a press conference where he blamed all sides for the Nazi murder. Then he expressed happiness about how happy the dead girl's mom was with him (a gross exaggeration) and promoted his winery in Charlottesville.

This is a public relations nightmare the likes of which the right hasn't seen since George Wallace. From a purely practical standpoint, getting rid of Trump seems like the only remaining option if they want to have any pretense at all of pretending to be decent human beings.



Every Democrat should be calling for Trump's resignation already. I'll give them a couple of days, knowing that Joe Manchin will have to be last, but that shit needs to happen. I'd like some Republicans to do it too, but I'm not gonna hold my breath. Trump supporters, take this excuse. I've suggested it before - just say "this time, he's gone too far" and we'll pretend you were hibernating all those other times he's gone too far. Just fucking do something already. No more excuses.

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