Idiots Say The Damndest Things

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Somehow Not Full Of Awe

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Memo to Pete Sessions, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Rudy Giuliani: YOU ARE FUCKING AWFUL.

Awfulness is everywhere these days. I mean, yeah, it’s always been everywhere, but the public display of awfulness, and the extreme nature of it at every level of power, is one of the most exhausting things about the times we live in now. And as always, it’s conveyed by IDIOTS SAYING THE DAMNDEST THINGS!

“One of them was from a big-time guy in Highland Park, who went and killed his wife, just gunned her down. And that was because the judge was unfair, and the woman was unfair. And she demanded something, and he was out. And it was frustration.” - Texas congressman Pete Sessions, on no-fault divorce.

In Pete Sessions’ defense, I don’t actually think he meant “the bitch deserved it for taking all his money”. Or, at least, I don’t think he meant to mean that. It’s definitely what he meant. Which is, in many ways, worse than if he’d just said it outright. What Sessions did instead was take decades of the implied power dynamic with husbands and wives and spew it out wholesale because he was placating a right-wing radio host.

He thinks, and continues to say, that he was talking about reforming the courts. But he was talking about reforming it so that men wouldn’t get so mad they had no choice but to murder their ex-wives, which is a level of deference that, as always, only white men get. And lest we forget, one of the earliest forms of the increasingly virulent and violent Men’s Rights movement was centered almost entirely around what women got from judges in divorce and custody cases. It’s almost as if all this shit were connected in some kind of, oh, I don’t know. daddy-bases hierarchical system. Needs a catchier name.

"The media routinely reports on classified information and government secrets that put lives in danger and risk valuable national security tools. One of the worst cases was the reporting on the U.S. ability to listen to Osama bin Laden's satellite phone in the late '90s. Because of that reporting, he stopped using that phone, and the country lost valuable intelligence.” - Sarah Huckabee Sanders, doing her horrible job the best of her horrible ability.

Yesterday, Jim Acosta tried to get Sarah Huckabee Sanders to commit to whether or not the press, as her boss has repeatedly stated, is the enemy of the people. While understandable, this is also fucking dumb, because the day before, Sanders went out of her way to promulgate an urban legend first pushed by the Bush administration that the press helped Osama Bin Laden escape. It doesn’t get much more “enemy of the people” than that, folks.

What amazes me is that these people are still somehow required to play this game like they expect someone to say “Oh, sorry, guys. That went too far. We take it back. Let’s all go out for drinks after, OK?” I don’t know if it’s the curse of access journalism internalized to a degree unfathomable by normal humans, an edict from their bosses, a formerly symbiotic relationship that turned parasitic without the host noticing, or just Beltway madness, but it has to stop. Ans it’s never going to.

”The President was expressing his opinion on his favored medium for asserting his First Amendment right of free speech. He said ‘should’ not ‘must’ and no Presidential order was issued or will be.” - Rudy Giuliani, Shitty At Everything Always.

”He said ‘should’ when he obstructed justice in a tweet so it doesn’t count.” is the literal photonegative of “We thought he was reaching for a gun.” Fucking President Do-Over and his Cavalcade of Implausible Deniability. The level of bullshit that our system is apparently vulnerable to should keep us all up at night.

I mean, Trump is bad. Very bad. He makes me nervous. He makes me anxious. But he doesn’t terrify me. You know who does terrify me? The guy who’s watching Trump, right now, and making notes about all Trump’s mistakes. Looking at all the ways Trump is almost accidentally using the weaknesses in American government to pad his bank account and give himself a boner in the shape of Benito Mussolini. The guy who’s gonna move in with a modified version of the Trump playbook, and a truly evil intent rather than just boorish racism and sociopathy. Because THAT guy is gonna fuck us over real good. And while we should do a lot of things to keep that from happening, not enough people are going to think we must.

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