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Memo to Steve Vick, Steve Vick, and Steve Vick: YOU ARE DUMB.

I had options for this week's IDIOTS SAY THE DAMNDEST THINGS. It's the first Wednesday after CPAC. Yesterday was the Netanyahu speech that once again exposed the weird obsession wingnuts have with Israel. And on top of that, it was a week. But Steve Vick went above and beyond the call of duty, managing to take all three spots by saying essentially the same thing about a single, execrable position. Hold on tight.

"They have a caste system. They worship cows.” - Idaho State Senator Steve Vick, explaining why he wouldn't attend a Hindu prayer that opened the Idaho State Senate.

It's been said in the past that there is a difference between ignorance (not knowing something), and stupidity (not being able to know something). The Information Age has narrowed that distinction considerably. Not everyone has access to information, but for those who do, like state senators, even ones from Backwards Potato-Fucking Central, ignorance and stupidity are virtually indistinguishable.

The entire first page of results when you google "do Hindus worship cows" tells you HINDUS DON'T WORSHIP COWS. Of course, right now, the first page of results has a news chunk in the center of it because Steve Vick didn't google "do Hindus worship cows", which is a weird little causality loop, but the point stands. Also, if you don't think America has a caste system, you're a Republican. And yes, of course, he's a Republican.

"[America was] built on the Judeo-Christian not only religion but work ethic, and I don’t want to see that undermined.” - Idaho State Senator Steve Vick, explaining why he wouldn't attend a Hindu prayer that opened the Idaho State Senate.

The google giveth, the google taketh away. You know what you get when you search on "Judeo-Christian 'work ethic'"? Mostly crazy people. The very first hit is from American Thinker, which sounds good if you don't know what American Thinker is, and sounds utterly hilarious if you do. The idea that Christians (and let's not pretend they're really including Jews when they say it) work harder than everyone else is something Christians tell themselves to make them feel better.

And first, if Steve Vick thinks that Hindus don't have a work ethic, I cordially invite him to spend six months trying to out-work-ethic anyone in Mumbai and see how fucking far his Jesus gets him, what with his vast work experience of being a stupid potato-fucker. And second, even if all of that were somehow magically true, by what mechanism exactly would a single Hindu prayer "undermine" that work ethic? Don't ask Steve Vick that question. His brain might explode and then you'd be scraping Yukon Gold off the fucking walls for a week.

"It goes back to my concern about the way this country was built, if you compare it to a country that was built on the Hindu faith.. [The prayer could] send a message we’re not happy with the way America is." - Idaho State Senator Steve Vick, explaining why he wouldn't attend a Hindu prayer that opened the Idaho State Senate.

I could mention some of the ways this country was built, and how they absolutely should cause some concern to anyone with half a brain and a sense of decency. I could mention that Steve Vick holding a position of power sends a very clear message that we're not happy with the way America is. And I could point out that we shouldn't be opening government sessions with fucking religious invocations in the first place, but that if we're gonna, you don't get to decide that your religion (and also the related one you have to include because of Hitler) gets every single slot on the schedule.

Instead, I'd like to compare America to countries that were built on the Hindu faith, just like Vick suggested. And you know what I found? Most of the problems they have, they have because of fundamentalist assholes who base their bigotry and repression on the primacy of their own version of their religious faith. So, you know, maybe Steve Vick would do great in Mumbai, defending rape and opposing sex education alongside his Hindu counterparts.

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