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Recharge Week

Just a note to readers - this week is going to be a Recharge Week - it doesn't happen very often, but every once in a while I need to step away from the column just long enough to rest my hatin' muscles. It's a thing that happens especially during election years, when the monomaniacal focus of the national media means I spend months seeing the same things and getting sick of saying the same things. Regular service will resume next Monday, and I'll still be posting to OLDNERD.

In the interests of killing two selfish birds with one selfish stone, since this is going to be up all week, if anyone out there reading this has experience with migrating several thousand articles spanning a dozen years from an admittedly elderly install of Drupal to either another blogging platform or a fresh Drupal setup, and would be willing to at least shave several days of research off my schedule, get in touch with me at the contact link on the left. I am shamefully looking for a nerd shortcut to actually learning about this shit.

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