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The Future And The Trash

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Memo to the audience: HERE'S WHAT'S GOING ON.

So, at some point, I'll be moving YAD to Blogspot. Or Blogger. The platform is, I believe, officially called Blogger, and used to be called Blogspot, But the URL's are still Blogspot. And if you try searching for tips on it, you'll get many better results with "blogspot". You'd think the world's greatest search company would have figured that out, but anyway.

Anyway, I've gotta change hosts, and as nice as Drupal has been for me over the years. the fact is, I have to customize it heavily to make it do the incredibly simple shit I do, so instead of paying money for hosting and still having hassle, I'm gonna get my hassle for free. Which means migrating the archives. Which, unfortunately, research has led me to believe I really need to do by hand. All 2800+ articles. This process has begun, and will continue, and when it's done, I'll have a solid foundation to move forward with for the foreseeable future.

I'm not moving the site over yet because, frankly, I don't know what RSS readers will do as I add back in all the old content. I moved Oldnerd over last week without the archives, if you want to see what it's gonna look like. (The Oldnerd archives will still live at until they get shifted). As I move the archives, I'm also revisiting my tagging, so hopefully, by the time I'm done, things will be more consistent and coherent. Other than having to re-subscribe to the RSS feed, you'll notice very few differences. There won't be comments. Posts will still go up once a day at midnight. I'll still think Donald Trump is an addlepated racist.

For those who are curious, want to relive the glory days of YAD, or just watch and laugh at the Herculean task I've set for myself, until I move the URL, the new site will live at

OK. Sat through that? Good. Here's your cookie. A quick, mocking survey of the content currently available at Men's Rights Central, Return Of Kings.

An article about a study talking about the increased health problems, including mental health and substance abuse issues, in the LGBT community. This, of course, is treated as evidence that the LGBT community are a bunch of weird, broken deviants. And even when they're suffering discrimination, it's their own fault for subjecting decent people to their deviant behavior.

"Two Do It Yourself Methods For Training Your Forearms". I didn't click through to the article, because I'm comfortable assuming the two methods are "jerking off with your dominant hand" and "jerking off with your other hand". And that everyone on Return of Kings looks like Popeye. Except wearing a trilby.

If you were wondering what the media wasn't telling you about the Istanbul terrorist attack from last week, don't worry. It turns out what they're not telling you is the author's interpretation of his own observations of how Istanbul reacted to the attacks based on having allegedly been there at the time. Ergo, media conspiracy.

And if you're wondering how many of the "7 Things A Man Must Never Do" I've never done, the answer is either one, two, or three. I've never experimented sexually with other men, though not out of a sense that I shouldn't. I've never worn sports jerseys as an adult, so I'm not sure if that counts or not. And while I've never fathered a bastard, technically, one of the things a man must never do is "Don't Father Bastards", maybe I was supposed to father bastards. And also call children born out of wedlock "bastards" because I'm a garbage person who thinks 1950s morals reign supreme.

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