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Memo to the Democratic Party: RUSS FEINGOLD HAS YOUR BALLS.

A folk singer of some note once said that you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Tell that to the Democrats. Because they have satellites, Doppler Radar, and Al Roker on speed-dial, and they still can't figure it out.

For proof, look no further than Russ Feingold's failed censure resolution. Not that it was, technically, the Democrats that made the resolution fail. It was doomed from the start as an actual attempt to censure the President for breaking the law. No, it was the Democrats who made it fail as an empty gesture.

How low do the approval ratings have to go before you openly challenge the leadership of this fucking country? There's only one poll in the country where Bush is above 40% approval, and just between you and me, I think the Grover Norquist's Last Party poll has some flaws in its sampling methodology.

But you look at the censure vote, and it's like some weird fascist director's cut of Network. The anchor urges everyone to shout that they are both mad as hell and will no longer be taking it, and the camera cuts from scene to scene of empty city streets and closed windows. All of a sudden it becomes a documentary on the effects of a neutron bomb. You could hear a pin drop. Or a pin head. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., said he had not read [the motion] either and wasn't inclined simply to scold the president. 'I'd prefer to see us solve the problem.' Lieberman told reporters.

- ABC News.

I'd love to see Lieberman actually identify the problem. Preferably without echoing Dick Cheney and Scott McLellan's baseless talking point that the Democrats don't want to spy on terrorists. The problem is that too many people are afraid to say there's a problem. Also on the "didn't read the motion" list? Harry Reid, Senate (Permanent) Minority Leader.

And, from that same ABC article: "Several said they wanted first to see the Senate Intelligence Committee finish an investigation of the warrantless wiretapping program that Bush authorized as part of his war on terrorism."

I want to know who those several are, and I want their fucking metaphorical heads on fucking metaphorical platters. Because if I can sit here, well aware that the Senate Intelligence Committee voted last week NOT TO INVESTIGATE, they damn well ought to be aware of that too.

What are they scared of? Popular wisdom seems to place its money on "alienating moderates". But they're MODERATES. If they're still moderate after the past five years, they're not carefully triangulating between the current extremes, they're just waiting to be told what to think.

What Feingold did was a ballsy move. He put the idea out there that the President did something wrong, and he did so in a way that guaranteed media coverage. Over 60% of the country thinks the President is doing -something- wrong. That's most of the battle right there. All the Democrats needed to do was figure out what they wanted the story today to be. The story could have been "Democrats took stand against President, loyal Congress beat them back". And the Democrats would have come out looking stronger.

Instead, the story became "anyone who opposes Bush on the wiretapping thing is a fringe loony without mainstream support". Which helps nobody except Dick Shot A Motherfucker Cheney, who gets to say things like this and go unchallenged. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

""The American people already made their decision. They agree with the president."

I mean... that's just a blatant lie. That's actually two blatant lies - that the American people ever had a chance to make a decision on the wiretapping in the first place, which they didn't, and that they agree with the president, which is only true for between 34 and 38% of them these days. But he still got to say it and have it printed, because he knows NOBODY WILL STOP HIM.

Because there are only 44 Democrats in the Senate, but more importantly, only two balls.