Who Doesn't Love Progress?

« January 2006 »

Ah, Martin Luther King Day. A day where we can reflect on the struggle for minority rights, and see just how far we've come in the last 40 years.

For example, we've come so far that the people who don't think Martin luther King should actually have a holiday are few and far between. Not so few that they don't exist, of course. And not so few that they're not still bitching about it years later. And not so few that the people bitching about it aren't elected members of government, but progress nonetheless. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"I honestly believe we have done a disservice to all who have worked for civil rights by declaring one holiday for one man. The holiday just means another three-day weekend, just like Washington’s birthday is a car-sales holiday." - New Hampshire State Senator Robert Clegg, who, in a bit of wacky irony, is the Senate minority leader there.

Clegg, who may just be living out some manifest destiny related to a very hicky last name, apparently feels that holidays named after one person are demeaning. Someone call Bill O'Reilly! Clegg's just declared WAR ON CHRISTMAS.

He's toned down his rhetoric in the seven years New Hampshire's celebrated the holiday, though. Back in 1999, when the holiday was established, he said "All our heroes will now be relegated to the dustbins of history. The proper supplication has been made to the God of political correctness. Political bigotry has won. Our shame is now complete.

From the shame of political correctness, to the demeaning of the civil rights movement in just seven years. If that ain't progress, what is?

Well, there's always the curious case of Sam Alito. Twenty years ago, Alito had to pretend to BE part of a racist, misogynist organization to get a job as a an assistant attorney general for Reagan, and had to pretend NOT TO BE a member of a racist, misogynist organization to get a job on the Supreme Court.

You know what? I don't give a shit whether Sam Alito agreed with the Concerned Alumni of Princeton that Princeton shouldn't have women or minorities on campus. I don't care if he lied about joining it over the ROTC thing. Like so many conservatives, at the very least, he allied himself with racist assholes in order to get ahead.

Which, when you're a partisan political candidate, is merely obscene and wrong, but when you're one of the nine most powerful allegedly impartial judges in the nation it's... apparently perfectly acceptable, as long as you provide any excuse at all that your supporters can repeat over and over again as if it wasn't equally damning. "He doesn't AGREE with the racists. He just pretended to agree with them so Ronald Reagan would hire him." Oh, thanks. I'm comforted. Tell the woman in the back she can stop crying now. Mission accomplished.

And finally, because you're going to be hearing a lot of hopeful talk about the having of dreams today, let me leave you with a quote from Matthew Spaulding of the Heritage Foundation. The topic is a course at Colorado University in "whiteness studies", a field devoted to discussing the innate societal advantages of being white in modern, American culture. Advantages that most white people go through their day completely unaware of.

"Things like this show the increasing divide between the outer reaches of the academy and the average American. Not only do they not know about these things, my guess is the average American couldn't come up with this if they tried." - Using this logic, by the way, the Heritage Foundation will be opposing classes in calculus, cosmology, and any history not included in Schoolhouse Rock.