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Memo to Texas: WHY?

I've raged. I've insulted. I've yelled. I've wept. I've railed. I've beaten my head against the turdobe wall that is our 28th state. And now I've resorted to asking. To begging. Begging for someone to explain to me why. Why you're such assholes. Why you elect such assholes. Why you allow assholes to have such a voice.

There is only so much I can attribute to inbred hick pigfucking ignorance. At some level, these people have to know what assholes they're being, what assholery is implied by the actions and statements of the wastes of biomass they pick to represent them. Is it plumb orneryness? Is it outright malice? Come on. You can tell me. It can't possibly be worse than my worst suspicions, which mainly involve the unique confluence of high lead levels in the water supply, Nazi experimentation, and excessively tight cowboy hats.

Come on. I double dog dare you to justify Frank Corte and Joe Pojman. Even for a state representative for San Antonio, Corte is astonishingly thick. And let's face it, most state representatives qualify for their job by having a pulse and being able to get Tuesday afternoons off. But Corte is a fucking piece of work, he is. And Pojman... Pojman goes beyond even what I'd expect from the head of a state "Alliance for Life".

The issue is one we've brought up before - Embryo Fetishists Vs. Contraception. The battleground are a pair of proposed Texas state laws - one that would require doctors to prescribe, and pharmacists to provide, emergency contraception for rape victims if the victims ask for it. The other would permit pharmacists to NOT fill emergency contraception prescriptions. J

That first law makes perfect sense to me. Hell, it doesn't go far enough, considering that the Ashcroft/Gonzalez Department of Justice is going out of its way to make sure nobody tells rape victims they CAN ask for it in the first place. But if they do ask, they damn well ought to be given a prescription. The decision to have a child is one of the most important ones people can make. It's bad enough that it's being made on a near-constant basis by idiots who don't know better, but now the Pro-Egg Movement wants to force that decision on rape victims, just so the poor, innocent lump of half a dozen CELLS doesn't suffer. Even if the rape victim doesn't believe in "souls", or the radical embryo agenda.

It's not the eggs that need protecting, folks. It's people who need to be protected from moralizing pharmacists. We've covered this before, too. It's never Viagra these fucks refuse to fill. You don't see these people demanding their right to not give customers their Lipitor on the grounds that they should just become vegans. Nope, it's just birth control pills and emergency contraception. Count the pills and shut the fuck up. If you can't perform those two simple tasks, GET ANOTHER JOB. Walgreens will get along fine without you shepherding a flock of unwilling participants through your little morality play. Pojnan gives you ignorant fucks more sympathy than he does rape victims. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"Well, one thing I point out is that pregnancy after assault rape is extremely rare. For one thing, the woman may already be on contraceptives. Very seldom does an assailant ejaculate; it's all about power and control. A woman has gone through a trauma; for these reasons her body may not be fertile."

Pojnan's statement is, in every sense of the word, indefensibly stupid. It's ignorant of biology, it's arrogant, it includes the word "ejaculation" in a really creepy way, and let's not forget the subtle reverse implication that if someone does get pregnant, then it wasn't really a traumatic rape after all. This vile little pusbucket puts the lie to the extreme pro-life movement. They're not about improving life. They are, in the way of all dumb people, merely making things worse for the rest of us.

Corte's not much better. The dissembling little fuck writes a bill that specifically targets emergency contraception, then has the gall to sit there and say "I don't see how rape victims will not be able to get emergency contraception under my bill." Well, your bill lets pharmacists keep it from them, dipshit. You can claim all you want that even small towns have more than one pharmacy, but what if all the pharmacies decide to exercise their moral objections? You've got a day or two after an incredibly traumatic experience to prevent a pregnancy, and Corte wants you to jump through fucking hoops for the sake of a pill-counter's conscience?

So explain it to me, someone. Explain to me how these people, these moralizing busybodies who have no problem ruining lives and causing suffering while cloaking themselves in absolutist morality, explain to me how these people are given, and allowed to keep, power in your state. Explain to me why they are not laughed out of office, run out of town on a rail, or at least given a swift kick in the ass.

And I need the explanation pretty quick, before Michele Bachmann's political career gets any farther up here. So get cracking.