Not Your New Besties

« October 2017 »

Memo to John McCain, George W. Bush, Bob Corker, and Jeff Flake: WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE.

Today would normally be IDIOTS SAY THE DAMNDEST THINGS, but the damndest things the idiots have been saying lately are that Donald Trump is a shitty President.

This has generally led to two responses. The first is “fuck those guys”, and the second is “if we’re mean to our new allies because they’re horrible people redeemed only slightly by not being as bad as Trump, nobody will want to be our ally.” Both are correct, to a certain degree.

I welcome any Republican willing to speak out against Trump. Even the ones that do it belatedly. Even the ones that give him the cover of plausible deniability by not mentioning his name, and even the ones who voted in lockstep with everything Trump wanted since he took office and are only now refusing to be complicit. Welcome on board, assholes.

But speaking against Trump isn’t absolution. It’s not grounds for forgiveness. It’s not grounds for rewriting history, or forgetting who any of you are. Because that way is very dangerous.

Because there’s nothing the political media loves more than a moderate Republican, and there’s nothing the political media loves doing more than defining ”moderate Republican” as anyone slightly less crazy-sounding than the craziest-sounding Republicans they’ve been talking to. And the craziest-sounding Republican they talk to every day is Trump. We don’t want these assholes to be the heroes when Trump goes away.

”The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend” only applies as long as the enemy is around, and as long as they’re actually doing things to help you fight the enemy. Flake, for example, seems to already be signaling he’d vote for whatever tax cuts Trump wants, because while he may believe in not telling obvious lies and tweeting mean shit at grieving widows, he does still believe in massive redistribution of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich.

All these objections to Trump are based on tone, not substance. You notice none of these people objected to Trump on the grounds his administration has been fighting tooth and nail in the courts to force a 17-year-old immigrant to give birth against her will. That’s fine by them. Flake and Corker and McCain and Dubya don’t care about some brown Jane Doe. They care about not going down the drain when Trump, and Trumpism, spirals to oblivion.

The point is, the “friend” your enemy of your enemy is isn’t a real friend, or a best friend, or even a permanent friend. It’s a short-term alignment of interests, and we forget that at our own peril.