Unrelenting Cruelty

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Memo to Donald Trump, the Nashville Manifesto, and David Clarke: YOU ARE DUMB.

If there's a common theme running through today's SPASTIC TOPIC MONKEY FRIDAY, it's cruelty, the exploitation of cruelty for political gain, and the entire elaborate system that's been set up to rationalize and justify that cruelty. Needless to say, we start with the Probably Paid Someone To Torture Animals For Him When He Was A Child In Chief.

Let's be totally clear on this. When Donald Trump ends DACA, the program that protects undocumented Americans brought here as children by their parents, at best, it'll be a crass political calculation designed to shore up a gradually eroding base, and at worst, it'll be deliberate cruelty to people on the grounds that they're brown and Obama did something nice for them.

What possible good comes from taking someone who's lived here since they were a baby, or 8, or even 13, and sending them back to a country they never knew and have no life in? None, unless you think laws exist to exist and not to improve people's lives and protect them. Or unless you hate brown people. Generally speaking, the Venn diagram between legal absolutists and racists is pretty total-eclipsey. In Trump's case, he'll do it for two reasons - one, it's cruel to people he hates, and two, decent people are asking him not to do it. Just like they asked him not to pardon Arpaio.

You may have heard, briefly, about the Nashville Statement, which is basically the Google Manifesto, except from a bunch of Biblical homophobes. A bunch of evangelical leaders, still mad that they totally lost the gay marriage and gay acceptance thing and are barely fighting a holding action by yelling at trans kids who have to go to the bathroom, issued a lengthy statement. The first letters of each paragraph didn't spell out ADAM AND EVE NOT ADAM AND STEVE, but they may as well have.

It's all the usual shit, is my point. They're just reasserting their shitty, loser worldview with a fancy new cover sheet and a new font. And they got, maybe, 20 minutes of attention on social media, mostly consisting of jokes about how "The Nashville Statement" sounded like a new jam band. It's almost as if there are more things for everyone to be worried about now than whether or not people should be mean to the LGBT community. Well, again, except for trans kids and decorated trans military personnel.

And finally, I'd like to thank the Wingnut Welfare system, an entire cottage industry that keeps conservatives in business long after they've been disgraced, proven incompetent, voted out, or incarcerated. This is normally a bad thing, because it allows them to maintain their elaborate fantasy that they are the winners in a pure meritocracy. They're like D&D players who set up a dragon's hoard guarded by a single kobold and then pat themselves on the back for being the best players ever.

But Sheriff David Clarke resigned yesterday. You may remember Clarke as the Trump-supporting black dude with more pieces of flair than a Chotchkie's waiter. That's what distinguishes him from Trump's other two black supporters, the one who used to be in a murder cult and the one who's pretending he's running HUD. It seems, at least at this point, that his resignation is intended to shift him into a full time career as That Guy, with speaking gigs and his Trump-recommended book and all that bullshit. And while it's sad that he'll keep getting paid, at least he'll no longer be paid to engage in questionable, abusive, or deadly law enforcement practices. Think of it as midnight basketball to keep a truly dangerous thug off the streets.