President Garbage Loves Racists

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Memo to Arpaio defenders: DON'T WANNA HEAR IT.

Sure, right now, President Shitforbrains is trying and failing to tweet like a competent, compassionate human being while Houston drowns. But I'm going to spend today talking about the other awful... one of the other awful things he did Friday evening - the pardon of Joe Arpaio.

And to do that, we need to establish some documented facts about Joe Arpaio, who isn't "controversial" or "politically correct". He is a criminally abusive racist who caused the suffering of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, over his 24 years as sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.

He got away with it for three key reason. First, as sheriff, he was largely accountability-free from a law enforcement perspective. This is why his county was hit with tens of millions of dollars in civil penalties - because that was the only avenue of accountability available to his victims.

Second, his rise to power and prominence correlates almost perfectly with the right-wing embrace of nativism, authoritarianism, anti-immigrant fervor, and general assholery. Not that these things didn't exist in the GOP in the 80s, but the open embrace, and more importantly, the dominance in the party by those forces, match disturbingly well with Arpaio's carer.

And third? Lotta racist voters in Arizona.

So, for those of you who still insist minorities should be patient and work within the system, "the system" allowed Joe Arpaio to arrest, detain, and abuse brown people in Arizona for decades. The system let him ignore rape cases so he could ride around in a police tank with Steven Seagal running over puppies. THAT IS NOT HYPERBOLE.

The system took four years to deliver an injunction against Arpaio (2007-2011) telling him to stop racially profiling Latinos. Arpaio ignored that injunction. The system told him "hey, stop it" for four more years before deciding he was in contempt of court, and Arpaio still didn't stop. So a year later, he was convicted of criminal contempt, by which point he had (barely) lost his re-election bid and couldn't be sheriff anymore anyway.

As punishment for continuing to racially profile Latinos for five years after the court ordered him to stop? Six months in prison. Keep in mind that none of this includes penalties for hundreds of prisoners dying in his custody, faking his own assassination attempt, helping Donald Trump pretend to conduct an investigation into Barack Obama's "real" birthplace, or dozens of other documented abuses and abuses of power throughout Arpaio's career.

And now Arpaio won't even serve those six months because a bunch of racists nationwide voted his buddy Trump into office, and when Trump couldn't get the Justice Department to stop prosecuting his buddy no matter how hard he tried (cough cough obstruction of justice cough cough), he just pardoned him so he wouldn't have to serve any time. So, yeah. The system.

The only reason people on the right support Arpaio is that they're fine with everything he does, no matter how illegal, abusive, or unconstitutional, because he did it to people they've demonized - illegal immigrants. And the only reason they assume that everyone he did it to was an illegal immigrant despite piles of evidence to the contrary is because they're racist.

Yet I've gotta somehow take shit for people on the left enjoying one fucking Nazi getting two fucking punches in his fucking Nazi face ? Fuck you. I can't even enjoy one mildly illegal, barely harmful act against one of the demonstrably worst people in America without a fucking two-week debate about it just from people ostensibly on my side of the fence. I'm not gonna hear it from people who condone the abuse of millions because they're brown and therefore "deserve it".

Also, yes, Obama commuted the sentence of (NOT pardoned) a spy, because he decided seven years of solitary confinement, a.k.a. legal torture, was punishment enough for what she did. And yes, he commuted the sentence of (NOT pardoned) a terrorist. I'll even give you the word for free despite there some being debate on that point, because Oscar Lopez Rivera was in jail for 35 years and is unlikely to go back to fighting for Puerto Rican independence anytime soon. The Arpaio pardon is different and worse and even if it were 80% as bad as you think Obama's commutations were, that's still pretty fucking bad.