With A Whimper

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Memo to America: HE GOT AWAY WITH IT.

In case you were wondering if he would get away with it, he got away with it.

I know he got away with it, because yesterday was a full-on presentation of mainstream Republican figures making the dumbest, most specious, and always slightly tangential arguments they can to diffuse and deflect the firestorm around the Orange Führer. A lot of it was about statues (Geraldo Rivera and Paul LePage), some of it was about the economy, a lot of it was false equivalency, but really, what matters aren't the actual arguments.

What matters is that we're not having the key argument, which is "are you OK with Donald Trump defending Nazis.". We've established that he defended Nazis. We may dispute why, but that's another tangent. Doesn't matter. What matters is that he did it, and the argument's no longer about if that's OK, it's about a dozen other things related to that, which is how these things work.

With another terrorist attack in Europe eating up a lot of the news cycle and providing a distraction, and the weekend coming up, this is when people will start moving on to The Next Thing, whatever that is. Democrats aren't pressing the issue. There's been a total of one call for Trump's resignation, and a half-hearted censure resolution that's doomed to failure that Democrats won't even sign on to as a statement because, well, fucking Democrats.

Republicans are sitting quietly, knowing that the snowball momentum is moving in the opposite direction. And the rest of us are left with the crumbs of a few more Confederate monuments being taken down, just like they came down for a bit after Dylan Roof.

It'd be nice if I were wrong, but I've seen this play out before, and my cynicism is finely-tuned at this point. All we can hope for is a little extra damage to an already damaged President (in every sense of the word), and thus additional difficulty in him enacting either his or the Republicans' agenda. And a few thousand more people too disgusted to associate themselves with Trump, which will hopefully translate to votes in 2018.

Reasoned arguments stopped working a long time ago. If moral arguments were every going to work, they'd have worked in the past few days, and we're seeing how that goes. Which means we have to have the only argument they understand. AN argument about power. The only option is to take their power away, and we're going to have to do that no matter how shitty an option the Democrats are next year.