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Memo James Damore: YOU ARE NOT A MARTYR.

So, one of Google's garbage-dick fedora jockey bro-ders got pissed off after attending a diversity class and penned a twelve page resignation letter he mistakenly thought it was a "manifesto", and I'm supposed to give a fuck about him? And ANY OF US are supposed to give a fuck about him?

I mean, yeah, we should care about how many other MRA wads there are at Google and agree with Damore, and we should be concerned with how the tech industry attracts and enables bitter, misogynist nerds, but Damore himself, his "ideas", free speech, and the "debate"? No. Fuck that.

To be perfectly honest, even taking the time to dismiss Damore's bullshit out of hand is more effort than he deserves, and I'm only doing it because I get to call him and his ilk a bunch of names, which is a thing I enjoy greatly, they're so sad and pathetic.

But if someone brings up "free speech" around you, gently remind them in the testicles (and they will definitely have testicles) that he distributed his misogynist bullshit internally at Google, making it part of his job. He didn't get fired over a misogynist tweet or a misogynist Facebook post or a blog post he did on his own time. Just because he thought his resignation letter was a manifesto doen't make him right. He also called the stuff in his resignation letter "science", and we know that's not true either.

And no, we don't have to be open to debating this shit, and no, we don't have to be respectful of his opinion, because his opinion is warmed over 1950s biological determinism that's been thoroughly discredited for ages. Granting a request to debate bullshit gives legitimacy to a bullshitter who isn't interested in debate, just the legitimacy that comes from being one half of said debate. If he'd ever been interested in a free exchange of ideas, he'd have been open to everything out there that tells him he's full of shit, and we wouldn't be in this situation, would we?

And no, this doesn't mean we're afraid of your dangerous, radical, politically incorrect ideas. People aren't debating you because they can't stand to be around you, and people being unable to stand being around you is the only factual basis for the shit you spew. And if anyone feels even a smidge bad about this guy, keep in mind that his first interview as an unemployed dickweasel was with an alt-right YouTube dude. Because of course it was.

And yes, he chalked up all the criticism against him as "virtue signaling", which is what assholes call people disagreeing with them because they want to think all the people disagreeing with them secretly agree with them but don't have the courage to scrawl down their thoughts on a long international plane flight and pass them around the workplace.

Beware, obviously, anyone defending Damore. Beware, somewhat less obviously, anyone who starts a sentence with "I'm not defending what he wrote, but...", because they are dipshit enablers and are therefore part of the problem, because, again, these assholes want to be invited to the party, and while sunlight used to be the best disenfectant, society has developed lots of strains of idiocy that are completely resistant to sunlight.

And by the way, it wasn't the sunlight in the old "best disinfectant" aphorism that was doing the disinfecting, it was society's sense that things like this were (publicly) unacceptable and (publicly) embarrassing, and so, once these things were revealed in the open, there were consequences. It wasn't a perfect system, by any means. It let a lot of shit fester and grow beneath the surface, only to emerge, dangerously strong, once this shit stopped being socially unacceptable. But let's not pretend that we can just let all these awful ideas in the open and people will come to their senses and reject them, because the last 200 days are full of data points to the contrary.