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Memo to Donald Trump, Steve King, and Tucker Carlson: YOU ARE DUMB.

Wednesday was a demoralizing news day, what with the success of the motion to proceed on Obamacare repeal, Trump's transgender ban, and a general sense that momentum had shifted, with no new Russiagate revelation to stop things in their tracks. But rank incompetence continues to be our savior, and Thursday's news turned a corner as a result. SPASTIC TOPIC MONKEY FRIDAY!

On the transgender ban, there was the hilarious fact that, contrary to his claims, none of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had any idea Trump was going to ask for the ban until they heard about it from someone on their staff who uses Twitter. And they basically said "yeah, we'll get right on that as soon as the addlepated fuckwad in charge of things and the four people he's managed to hire since inauguration day figure out how to submit this request formally. Until then, business as usual."

And it'll get the full treatment Monday, but I have to make note of how, in less than a week, Anthony Scaramucci went from slick-talking salesman with a firm grasp of the language to insane madman ranting on the phone to a New Yorker reporter about all the people going to the press with their White House grievances and forgetting to mention it was off the record. They are SO FUCKING BAD AT THIS.

When it comes to Obamacare repeal, the news isn't great, but it is better, in the sense that what we thought was a coordinated, behind-the-scenes strategy to manipulate the process in secret to achieve an accountability-free result while still ruining people's lives actually turned out to be complete and utter fucking chaos that nobody is in control of and nobody understands.

As of this writing, we've reached a point where the thing Republican senators at both ends of the Asshole Window are demanding, in exchange for their vote, is that the thing they vote for will magically become something else, later, when the House takes up the attempt to reconcile the House bill and whatever the fuck the Senate thinks it's voting on. This is, of course, madness. This is, of course, a complete and utter perversion of the process, showing that the recent trend towards rules-lawyering in violation of Senate traditions and the intent behind the rules has reached a point where the idea of ever returning to a coherent government seems remote. But, on the upside, the system has devolved to such a point that it seems very difficult for the GOP to intentionally manipulate it for personal gain and are just tap-dancing furiously with their fingers crossed that it'll work out somehow.

Speaking of Republicans, it seems that Donald Trump has finally crossed the line that would cause them to choose principle over power and party and finally hold Trump to meaningful consequences. That's the good news. There is, of course, bad news. The bad news is, it's about Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, who Trump wants to get rid of. So, allow me to summarize the Republicans' principled stand:

"How dare Donald Trump to be mean to our incredibly racist friend, and try to stop him from doing his vital work of imprisoning every black person in America while confiscating all their stuff! And all so he can stop a special prosecutor from looking at his tax returns which we totally could have made him release if we weren't such craven sycophants? THIS SHALL NOT STAND. LEAVE OUR CONFEDERATE BROTHER ALONE.

And the worst part is, they actually are doing the right thing for the worst possible reasons. As much as I'd love to see Sessions ejected, betrayed by the man he supported before anyone else did, all because he did the first ethical thing he's ever done in his life, the fact is, Trump only gets rid of people so that he can replace them with worse people. And while finding someone worse than Sessions will be a challenge, it's the only thing Trump's shown any aptitude for, ever.