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Memo to the Trump administration: THANK YOU FOR SUCKING.

The thing that is rapidly becoming known as the Covfefe Incident of 2017 (if I have anything to say about it) is one of the damndest fucking things I've seen in over a year of non-stop damndest fucking things. And it only gets more astounding when you look at in detail.

First, and I cannot stress this enough, the President of the United States is still engaging in unsupervised tweeting at five in the goddamned morning. How do I know it's unsupervised? Well, the covfefe tweet went out in the first place, and then it stayed up for six hours, with the only "explanation" being a followup tweet many wrongly took to be the first documented instance of self-deprecating humor from Donald Trump.

He continues to do this, to be allowed to do this, even though from a political standpoint, the most he's ever gotten out of it is a jaded ambivalence to yet another whining, barely coherent rant from the ostensible leader of the United States. Most of the time the reaction has been worse, forcing Sean Spicer to coin the soon to be historic phrase "the tweet speaks for itself" to explain it. No political animal worth the slightest fraction of a damn would let this continue, yet it continues.

Amongst the vast public ridicule that followed, Trump supporters, locked in a deadly dance of denial with their Dearest Donald, were forced to try to justify and rationalize the tweet. The most impressive of these, if you don't mind being horrified, was Kayleigh McEnany, who vomited this onto Twitter a full seven hours A.C. (After Covfefe). ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

Covfefe was not poll tested or focus grouped. Another reason our @POTUS is simply great! He's human. He's real. He's just like us!... Covfefe - our President is human. Hilarious! Funny to watch left go nuts. An intentional "dog will chase the tail" tweet! #Covfefe... The President's autocorrects are as hilarious as mine. I love it! #Covfefe ya'll "

In other words, it was an intentional attempt to drive liberals crazy that totally worked and also an honest mistake that humanizes Donald Trump oh and it's his phone's fault because that's how autocorrect works, by replacing what you type with random nonsense syllables . I mean, clearly Trump is just like McEnany in one key way - she doesn't know enough to delete a horrible series of tweets either.

And then, of course, there was Sean Spicer's "explanation" that "covfefe" was deliberate and intended for a small subset of readers who understand it completely. I'd call this Orwellian, but Orwell's doublespeak twisted the meanings of actual words. This is something simultaneously beyond, and nowhere near, Orwellian doublespeak - an aversion to admitting fault so great that it warps the very fabric of common sense.