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Memo to... ah, fuck it.


"If you looked at Mother Theresa under a microscope you would see germs and bacteria." - Bill Bennett on Fox News, because even they have to talk about this.

I was gonna do three quotes on Trump bragging to Russians about awesome intelligence that also happened to be classified and endangered Israeli intelligence sources. But that was yesterday, and the Trump administration is imploding a lot faster than that.

What Bill Bennett was doing by basically dressing Mother Theresa up in a Pobody's Nerfct T-Shirt is trying to say that everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes are clumsily suggesting that maybe James Comey could drop that whole Michael Flynn investigation thing like he'd just watched Goodfellas. At least, if James Comey's post-meeting notes and memo are to be believed.

I welcome Bennett's attitude. I welcome every bit of weaseling obstructionism and no-comment inaction by congressional Republicans. Because ultimately, ending the Trump presidency is a huge gamble.

Obviously, the upside to ending the Trump presidency is that Trump would no longer be president and couldn't do something insane and impulsive that would kill thousands or millions of people. Beyond that, Trump's presidency would end in ignominy and humiliation and defeat, and presumably, plus, odds are the hardcore Trump supporters, inoculated to reality as they are, may well turn on a Republican Party that eventually can't escape putting country over party, and stay home or vote for Richard Spencer in 2018.

On the flip side, however, removing Trump from office removes the single greatest obstacle to Donald Trump and his entire agenda - Donald Trump. His near-constant incompetence, idiocy, and lack of impulse control is, as I've said before, not a strategy, not four-dimensional chess, not three-dimensional chess, not two-dimensional chess, not two-dimensional checkers. It's at best a spirited round of Tiddly Winks where nobody knows how to play Tiddly Winks and everyone gives each other wedgies, and only half of the wedgies are intentional.

Removing Trump without removing Pence and Sessions and Pruitt and DeVos and Carson and the rest would remove the imminent danger of accidentally pushing the nuclear button, but would leave in place a group of people with ideas as abhorrent or more abhorrent than Trump's, but with the ability to stay the fuck off Twitter and not get caught. That would be bad. That would be especially bad because we would all breathe an understandable and well-earned sigh of relief once Trump was gone, but when that happens, there absolutely will be a relaxation in The Resistance no matter how many Tweets get sent out that say "This isn't over!"

So, as unpleasant as this may seem, the actual best-case scenario is this week, repeated over and over, for like the next year-and-a-half. Just one awful story after another. A White House in constant damage control mode, turning over staff after staff because the one guy who's the actual problem keeps firing the people who can't stop him from being the actual problem. Constant turmoil eating up all the time and all the oxygen so that as little as possible gets accomplished, and Republicans who stand behind Trump look worse and worse as Election Day 2018 approaches.

And then, a Democratic Congress can block President Pence (and his First Mother) until the fucking cows come home.