All The Wrong That's Fit To Spew

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Memo to "R.F.": AMAZING.

One of the things that makes Men's Rights Monday so goddamned entertaining is finding how many different things they can be wrong about. For example, it is a universally accepted truth that, despite the existence of Return Of Kings, TMZ, and requests to join LinkedIn, the Internet is a great thing. But when it comes to what made the Internet great, who made it great, and why it's great? Oh, boy.

I'm only going to use the author's name once, because if "Relampago Furioso", or "Furious Lightning" in Spanish, is in fact his real name, he doesn't want to be reminded of it, and if it's not, there's no way in fuck I'm using it. So RF wrote an article entitled "How Men Have Made The Internet A Great Equalizer". Because, let's face it. If there's one thing men needed for the last 20 years, it's an equalizer.

The whole article is just a hilarious parade of wrongness, so let's just queue up the floats. ACTUAL QUOTES TIME!

"Spurious claims and rubber stamp credentials no longer create authority figures, as the Internet eats false idols for breakfast. A rubber stamp from an Ivy League school means nothing if you are only spewing nonsense or Marxist agenda talking points that make no logical sense. "

Look. I'm a middle-aged nerd. That means I've been online for longer than there's been an Internet. And there has never been any version of the Internet that did this. I lived through the rise of Harry Motherfucking Knowles, people. Matt Drudge. Ariana Huffington. Pewdiepie. If the Internet eats eats false idols for breakfast, that'd explain why there's so much false-idol-laden shit clogging up the series of tubes. Also, nobody with any sense takes anyone who says "Marxist" seriously, so cut it out.

"The decentralization of information is so powerful it might just stop us all from becoming one with the 'Borg' otherwise known as the New World Order. The Internet is truly messing up the Marxist narratives of its proponents. Expect globalists to try to take control of the Internet away from us as soon as the Presidential election is over."

Keep in mind that I had to sacrifice the rest of this paragraph in which immigrants use the Electoral College to steal the election from Trump. And I did that because RF equated the New World Order to the Borg. The comparison was a link. I think we all understand why I didn't click on it. Also, nobody's going to try to take control of the Internet just like nobody's going to take your guns away. But most importantly, all the decentralization of information has done is make it possible for you to find a set of alternate "facts" that let you maintain your incredibly wrong worldview, free of self-examination or self-awareness. You're not the cure, you're the diarrhea and vomiting that's a side effect of the cure.

"Where would we in manosphere be without the web? We would be non-existent. Look at what we have been able to accomplish already even though the manosphere is just coming of age."

There's a whole section with the subheading "wisdom of crowds", which is a thing, sort of, but not a default thing. Crowds can have widsom, but that doesn't mean all crowds have wisdom. A field full of roses can combine forces to smell really good. A field full of fedora-wearing garbage people in that same field, however, just combine the scents of Axe Body Spray, Drakkar Noir, Spanish Fly, and pick-up-artist taint into a miasma of the bad kind of funk. If you follow the metaphor. If you don't, let's just hear his main thesis on the topic.

"To see the wisdom of crowds at work, read the top 'liked' comments on Disqus or a news site or even Facebook following a post or a Big Media claim."

Yes, RF is claiming that the true proof of the Internet's awesomeness is the comments section underneath a news article. That tells you all you need to know, really, but I do have one more joke, so...

"We must figure out how to take the wisdom that is flowing from our collective cup and use it to form collective decisions to change the world."

Trust me, the world doesn't want ANYTHING that's flowing from the manosphere's collective "cup". And no, I still couldn't type "manosphere" with a straight face.