The Bar Was In A Trench, People

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Memo to Trump Suckers: YOU ARE DUMB.

I've heard of the soft bigotry of low expectations before, but I've never seen such low expectations of a soft bigot.

So, Donald Trump went to Mexico, land of the inferior taco bowl, where he met with Mexican president Peña Nieto, apparently in the hopes that if he could sort of kind of do a thing that presidents do without completely fuckbotching it, we'd all be impressed and then he could make fun of Hillary for "not doing anything" while he did stuff that looked like important president stuff.

I watched the press conference. Trump was not particularly presidential. He spoke from note cards, but all of Trump's weird verbal tics and awkward sentence structure were in full effect. In the absence of the racism, demagoguery, and all his other awfulness, we'd be talking about how dumb he sounds ALL THE TIME.

He even lied openly about not discussing who would Pay For The Wall, saying he and Peña Nieto didn't discuss it, and Peña Nieto revealing an hour or so later that they totally did and he totally told Trump Mexico wasn't gonna pay for shit.

Despite that, the conventional wisdom appears to be that this is a win for Trump, because he stood behind a podium, kept his dick in his pants, and didn't call Mexicans filthy rapists. In other words, they're basically falling for Trump's bullshit hook, line and sinker. And this was on MSNBC, of all things.

Incrementally less awful is not the same as good. But in the magical world of TV punditry, "fairness" means treating any improvement, no matter how disingenuous or deliberate, as a positive. Even though they should know better. Even though they probably do know better.

This is the kind of thing that lets run-of-the-mill Republicans with shreds of a conscience that needs to be assuaged vote for Trump. He's changed! He's presidential! He didn't call all Mexicans rapists and murderers, he's just generally sensationalizing murders caused by undocumented immigrants and concocting, largely out of whole cloth, the idea of "Angel Moms", the mothers of victims of those murders. So it's OK, because other mothers of other people killed for other reasons are politically valid!

So, you know. Fucking vote. Because there is no bullshit that some people won't fall for. We need there to be not enough of those people.