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Memo to Corey Savage: ABOUT HALF, I THINK?

Before we get into the undercooked dickmeat that is Tuesday's edition of Men's Rights Monday, with the "alt-right" in the news lately, I want to discuss an amazing bit of nomenclature that lives in the Venn diagram overlap of the alt-right, the men's rights movement, and general assholery. It's time to talk about "cuck".

Cuck is a noun, derived from "cuckold", that alties and garbage people hurl at men who they don't see as sufficiently, well, manly. The implication is that those men are unable to stop, or even secretly aroused by, their women having sex with other men. Which makes it an astonishing contradiction - an incredibly politically correct insult that is only hurled by the biggest assholes on the planet.

Hear me out. Most insults hurled at straight men apply a non-straight or non-male aspect to the man to make them seem less manly. "Pussy" or "Fag" are the prime examples. But "Cuck" doesn't do that. It is an insult to straight males existing entirely within the context and identity of straight maledom, and is, as a result, completely and utterly politically correct. Which makes it odd that they've seized on it, given how much they hate the "PC Police".

At the same time, "Cuck" is so inexorably tied to an antiquated view of patriarchy, biologically-determined relationship roles, and ideas around ownership and possessiveness that it could only be hurled by someone whose relationship politics are borderline Paleolithic. Linguistically, it's hilarious.

Now that we have that out of the way, I spent some time trying to figure out how many of Corey Savage's "20 Most Degenerate Cultures Of Our Dystopian Society", which is a fairly tricky task, because, like most of the testilisticles found on Return of Kings, the 20 cultures in question are full of overlap, outright redundancy, occasional incomprehensibility, and the usual garbage-person bullshit.

For example, I'm definitely a member of #1, the Electronic Screen Addiction Culture. I'm making fun of this trashboat of a man on an electronic screen RIGHT NOW and I wouldn't have it any other way. This also makes me a member of #17, the Technological Serfdom Culture, because the only difference between the two is that in the latter, Savage somehow manages to use "sheeple" unironically. While typing on the Internet about how normalizing new technology is bad. I'm apparently also a part of #7 (Spectator Culture), which consists of spending time observing things and commenting on them on the Internet, according to the comments of a guy on the Internet who's observed this.

I'm also, generally speaking, a member of all the "Man who thinks Men's Rights are a festering pile of rancid assholery" cultures, from #10 (Supplicating Male Culture) to #14 (Social Justice Culture) to #19 (Self-Hate Culture, which is really just People In My Identity Group Do A Lot Of Oppression Culture). And yes, as a doughy middle-aged nerd, I'm a part of #11 (Letting Yourself Go Culture), and, as he defines it, #3 (Pleasure Uber Alles Culture). And since I think it's harder to be non-white, non-straight, and non-male than the alternative, I guess the sarcastically-intended but actually accurate #9 ("It's So Hard Being Me Culture) can count me as a member. So that's ten, I think./p>

I can't be part of #13 (Victim Faking Culture) because I'm not one of all the women who falsely accuse men of date rape (but ROK is not pro-rape!). And I don't have kids, so I can't be part of #20, the incredibly pithy "Using Children As Culture War Cannon Fodder Culture". I don't worship celebrities, so #6 is out, and I don't think I seek attention at all cost, so that means #4 is right out.

However, then there's the subset that are all different ways of saying "stop going on the Internet and yelling at me for being an asshole". Unsurprisingly, this is the most numerous subset of cultures, including Internet War Culture (#2), Reaction Formation Culture (#12), Internet Witch Hunt Culture (#16), and Virtue Signaling Culture (#18, and no, you don't want to know). I may or may not be a member of any one or all four of these.

Everything else is just weird. Challenging the MRM's standards of beauty is apparently the "Assault Through Disgust Culture". I literally do not understand the point of "Get Rich Culture" being a bad thing, or, more accurately, squaring that statement with the general politics of the MRM. The description references get rich quick schemes, but not in a way that provides any sort of clarity. And then there's "Give Up Culture", which is a weird, psychotic sort of catch all for people who don't exercise, people who get money from their parents or the government, and people that hate on Men's Rights Pick Up Artists for getting laid.

Look, Corey's clearly working through a lot of stuff here, so expecting him to count to 20 AND populate those 20 things he's counting with unique, distinct points that make sense is unfair. Plus, he's clearly very busy preparing himself for when a bunch of people yelling at him on the Internet destroys our entire society, so we'll cut him a bit of slack.