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Memo to the Trump campaign: HOW'S THAT PIVOT WORKING OUT FOR YOU?

My schedule got writing-prohibitive (well, not-writing-about-pro-wrestling-prohibitive, but beyond that...) , so I'll throw in a little bonus content today, since there's a lot to cover from the first week of the New Trump Campaign, featuring Kellyanne Conway as a kindler, gentler, less-beholden-to-Russia Paul Manafort, going on TV and being the reasonable face of the Trump campaign; and of course, Breitbart's Stephen Bannon behind the scenes teaching Trump how to make white supremacy palatable to the mainstream. It's SPASTIC TOPIC TRUMPY FRIDAY ON MONDAY ON TUESDAY!

We start, of course, with Trump's minority outreach. Some have questioned the validity of this outreach, but I think that's unfair. Moderate Republicans uncomfortable with overt racism are a minority, after all, and that's who The Donald is targeting with his outreach. Much, but not nearly enough, has been said about how Trump has chosen to deliver his messages to minority communities to all-white enclaves literally a handful of miles from large minority populations. It took the kind of effort and diligence you don't normally associate with the Trump campaign to find that many white people in that part of Michigan.

Quick thing I need to point out to Trump's target audience here - if you ever find yourself reassured by the fact that Trump says he wants to help the African-American community, and that they should seek his help because they're all poor and beset by crime and literally, in Trump's words, have nothing to lose, then we need to have a nice long talk about the words "racism" and "overt" and re-examine what you say you're comfortable and uncomfortable with.

I do need to commend the Trump campaign on the visit to flood-ravaged Louisiana. The 18-wheeler full of random shit was, I suppose, better than nothing to the people who've lost everything, but the whole thing was an empty, pointless stunt designed to appear to be the right thing on the surface, so it can be contrasted on the surface with what appears to be the wrong thing on the surface.

A nuanced look at disaster relief, of course, would show that grandstanding bullshit and a truck full of Wal-Mart clearance rack shit isn't the problem, and that the real things keeping people from getting help are the privatte insurance industry's attitude towards floods and decades of politicized penny-pinching over disaster aid. Oh, and of course global warming. But hey, a guy who couldn't help stayed on vacation and golfed while another guy who couldn't help got in everyone's way! And that kind of thing is pitched at the precise level of dumbfuckery that the media and so-called "independent" voters love.

In other meaningless gesture news, Trump met with Latino groups on immigration recently, and did what Trump always does - tells his audience what he thinks they want to hear. This is often misinterpreted by the people being told what they want to hear as "telling it like it is". Then word got out that he'd done that, and told these Latino groups that he wanted their input on his plans to build a giant wall and chuck brown people over it with catapults. Which led to the news media ttying to find out if Trump had "reversed his position" as if that meant something.

Trump is just doing what he's always done, with varying degrees of success. It's a campaign based almost entirely on confirmation bias. He says pretty much everything to everyone, and then voters get to list off all the things he's said that they like without having to think about anything he's said that they don't like. Confirmation bias is an incredibly powerful way for people to be wrong about shit, which is one of the things that makes Trump dangerous, especially when the media plays along with a short-sighted campaign narrative that makes it OK to be racist for nine months if you're a little more palatably racist for a few weeks.

Luckily, while Trump's second-worst enemy is somehow still dealing with the State Department e-mail "controversy", his own worst enemy is still doing everything he can to bring Donald Trump down, this time throwing a couple of angry tweets at Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, calling the latter "neurotic" and a "not very bright mess", and implying that the two of them were banging each other. Trump's worst enemy, of course, is Donald Trump, who is incapable of stopping himself or being stopped from doing shit like this.

I mean, don't get me wrong. I will not weep for Joe Scarborough and his co-host being called "clowns". Scarborough has been full of shit forever and Brzezinski is at best his enabler. But this came literally a day after the aforementioned reasonable lady-face of the Trump campaign, Kellyanne Conway, managed to tell George Stephanopoulos with a straight face that Trump doesn't hurl personal insults. That's a rough one for even the power of confirmation bias to handle. That's sitcom-level smash-cut shit right there. "He doesn't hurl personal insults!" SMASH CUT TO: "You clowns!". But that's what you get for working for a guy with no impulse control. Hope it pays well.