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Memo to Joe Scarborough: YOU ARE DUMB.

It's time we had a talk about Joe Scarborough. Actually, it's long past time. For hours every goddamned morning on the ostenisibly liberal MSNBC, his "Morning Joe" show strives to make everything worse. And usually succeeds.

Scarborough is to punditry what John Kasich is to politics. What a Jimmy Buffett cover band is to music. What Zach Snyder is to moviemaking. He's the ultimate Reagan era frat boy. He is the apotheosis of white male privilege.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a brief debate over whether or not Joe Scarborough was being smug, condescending, and sexist when he tweeted at Hillary Clinton because, after her primary, she wasn't smiling enough for his liking. Here's how he defended it. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"It seems that my brief tweet succinctly summed up 10,000 years of sexism in 30 symbols because I dared..."

Oh, fuck right off and die in a fire. I'm not even putting the rest of the paragraph up. Because of course he was being smug, condescending, and sexist. You may as well ask whether the ocean was being wet when it crashed waves upon the shore. I could have stopped that quote after two words and you'd have picked up on the smug condescension.

And yes, he's an orthodox conservative of the modern era. He'll tell you different, but why would you listen to or believe anything he has to say? It's not like he does. He insisted to a former Navy inteligence officer who's been waterboarded and taught troops about waterboarding that waterboarding works great, contrary to what the waterboarding expert thinks. And when the waterboarding expert reminded Scarborough that Joe had called waterboarding a "fraternity prank" back when the waterboarding debate was raging, Scarborough pretended he'd never done it.

Oh, and about a month ago, behind-the-scenes audio surfaced of Scarborough and his co-host, Mika Brzezinski, working out with Trump what kinds of questions would and wou not be on the table for a town hall. The result? In Trump's words, "nothing too hard". And while I'm sure this practice is maddeningly rampant amongst the panoply of assholes that is cable news, it's still yet another strike against Joe Scarborough. Because you can't spell "Joe Scarborough" without "scourge"