Announcing OLDNERD

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Memo to The Audience: LET'S TRY THIS.

Now, I could spend today talking about the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, but I think we all know that shit can wait until Monday. Possibly longer.

As some of you know, for a few years now, I've "run" a food blog on the side. As even fewer of you know, it's lain fallow for months out of the year, mostly because I ran out of things to say about food for the most part and I hate forcing myself to write things when I don't have anything to say.

But I do have things I like to talk about when I'm not hating on shit here. And that, combined with my recent aging milestone, gave me an idea. And so I have taken Forkbastard, stripped it down to the essentials, built up around it, and created OLDNERD.

Why OLDNERD? Because I'm an old nerd. What separates an old nerd from a young nerd? Mostly the energy we're willing to spend on fighting nerd battles. Which forces us to be judicious with our tech fiddling, and, yes, metered in our hate. Old nerds still hate stuff, we just know that the mandatory napping/refractory periord after a really good pop-culture rant has to be worth it.

What kinds of things will I talk about there? Well, you can get a pretty good handle on my pop-culture tastes from the end of year top ten I did a couple months back.

Why am I telling you this? To encourage you to go over to OLDNERD. To put it in your RSS feeds. To follow @forkbastard on Twitter because I'll be using it for OLDNERD tweets now and yes, all the reasonable variations are already taken. To even sign up for an account over there, because it's a proper blog with proper comments and proper conversation, all the Internet bullshit I eschew over here.

And yes there will be occasional food talk alongside the tech and games and TV and movies and such. I'm getting an electric smoker in a month or so and there ain't nothing more OLDNERD than an electric smoker. My ear hair is growing just thinking about it.