Holiday Tidbits: Dummies Can Give Blood

« December 2014 »

Memo to USA Today's antiquated bigot readers: YOU MAKE IT SO EASY.

For today's Holiday Tidbit version of IDIOTS SAYING THE DAMNDEST THINGS, we turn to the FDA finally, FINALLY, mostly overturning the ban on donations by gay and bisexual people. The science on this has only been settled for over a decade. And of course people are opposed to it, and of course they're dipshits, and of course the comments thread on USA Today is full of them. I knew it would be. That's why I went looking. Low-hanging fruit.

"So, the FDA expects homosexual males who pick up one-night-stands in bars to be honest on their applications to sell their blood... Morons." - Todd French

Well, the FDA expects straight rawdoggers to be just as honest on their applications - not at all. Which is why they test the blood. And, of course, you don't sell blood, you donate it. I mean, you can sell it too, although that's usually plasma, but with Todd's obsession with one-night stands with men in bars and selling bodily fluids, I'm getting a fun picture of his life history.

"I would rather die of blood loss instead of aids" - Paula Oliger

I agree with this 100%. As much as I love poetic justice, my love of overall efficiency demands that I'd also prefer you to die of blood loss. Get right on that.

"Sound public health policies are being overthrown on behalf of a favored political faction. Sad." - Jack Dorso, which I have to say sounds a lot like "jacked torso". A pseudonym?

There are a lot of people, not just Jacked Torso, who think "the science" or "sound public health policies" support their anti-gay views. They believe this based on pretending it's true, because they can do that now, and they can find some old GeoCities site to back up their belief that all gay people are walking stealth disease bombs. Not sure why it took so long for the FDA to mostly stop listening to bullshit like this, but it's about goddamned time.