Lazy-Ass Twitter Week, Day 3

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Memo to the hundred-and-forty-first character: YOU ARE DUMB.

With the heat wave and some stuff with my schedule and some general-purpose wingnut fatigue, I'm going to sort of take the week off. But lest you be bereft of YAD-y goodness during that time, and in another attempt to promote the @youaredumb Twitter account and crack the 500-follower barrier for the first time ever, I'll be Tweeting stuff during the day, then providing you non-Twitter types with what you're missing the next day. So, to borrow a line from Cash Levy, TAKIN' IT TO THE TWEETS:

In local news, the Vikings stadium deal is entangled due to the shocking revelation that NFL team owners are shady shitheads. AMAZING.

New study shows 79% of mobile malware targets Android, but I’m pretty sure they’re counting all the manufacturer OS overlays. Which is fair.

Blackberry is considering splitting off its messaging service into a new company, called The Only Thing People Like LLP.

The NYPD has declared entire mosques are terrorists, allowing them to do anti-terror stuff to them. Guess this is the new “Miranda Rights”

Today’s Headline That Made Me Throw Up A Little Before I Even Finished It: “Olivia Munn Ends Fashion Drought…” That’s all I needed. Urp.

Oh, shit, I misquoted. It was worse. It was “Olivia Munn Saves Us From Fashion Drought…” making me long for humanity’s extinction.

SCIENCE! One scientist’s brain controlled another’s hand over the Internet. And I think we all know what he did with it.

Not the world’s biggest Cory Booker fan, but his opponent, Steve Lonegan, is way worse. I could and will unpack his latest in more detail…

…but let me just say that reaffirming your straight maleness by declaring you have a fetish for cigars? Read Freud and rethink tactics.

Media, if you’re going to call something a “cloud car startup”, there had better be a company working on a Bespin Cloud Car #lamestream