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No proper column today, but there are a couple of general things I thought I'd address quickly.

First, I've been informed by numerous helpful sources that "Scroogled" sources to a poorly thought-out campaign by MIcrosoft before their marketing campaign shifted tactics to "Give Jonah Ray reasonably-sized piles of money". And thus, it is unlikely that Louie Gohmer's intern, as I suggested yesterday, came up with the gag on his own and handed it to an unsuspecting Gohmert.

The more likely scenario is that the intern lifted it from Microsoft's shitty campaign, and then handed it off to an unsuspecting Gohmert. I stand corrected, which also adds another thing to the very large list of Things I've Done That Louie Gohmert Will Never Do.

And speaking of circumstances that changed shortly after I wrote about them, on Friday, I mentioned that I was thinking I'd settle on The Old Reader. Well, four hours after that decision I compared what I was seeing in The Old Reader to what I was seeing in Google Reader and immediately abandoned plans to move to The Old Reader, since 20-30% of the total posts hadn't shown up yet.

So, for those of you who were wondering, and yes, some of you were, I've now, after four days or so, decided to go with Netvibes. Note that this is not an endorsement of NetVibes, which is awful in a number of key ways. Netflix' New Watch Instantly feed breaks on it for some reason. The mobile/iPad interface is kind of a mess, handling opening in new tabs versus existing tabs seemingly randomly, and unlike Google Reader mobile, Mark All As Read doesn't mean "Mark Everything On The Screen As Read", it means MARK FUCKING EVERYTHING.

Which means, in a practical sense, that you have to load the entire list in 25 item chunks and make sure you've gotten to the bottom before you can mark all as read. Which is a hassle, and which becomes a double hassle if you click on a link and it doesn't open in a new window and you have to re-load Netvibes and start the process over from the beginning.

But in terms of basic functionality, I can get my news items in a big-ass list, oldest to newest (mostly), and I can mark ones I want to use in the column for later. And it's reasonably responsive, although still pokey compared to Google Reader. Still plenty of room for someone else to step the fuck up and do it right, but it could be worse. It could be Feedly's iOS app.