Readergeddon Friday

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Memo to Mitt Romney, South Carolina, and Ed McGovern: EVERYONE OUT OF THE POOL.

Just an update on the Google Reader situation. Everything sucks. Right now I'm leaning towards The Old Reader, despite its somewhat pokey nature, unless Feedly does something with its iOS app that makes the alleged "List View" an actual fucking list.

Anyway, I need to operate on the assumption that, unless Feedly gets its app-based shit together, I'm going to lose the entire research pile from now backwards, since I can import my subscriptions to other services, but not my starred/faved/liked/saved-for-laters. So it's clearance time again! Everything must go! SUPER SPASTIC TOPIC GOOGLE DUMPING FRIDAY!

Mitt Romney spent $8.9 million of government money on his transition team. And by "transition team", I mean the office equipment required for the people who would help Mitt Romney transition from winning the election to becoming president. Which he didn't do. So he didn't need the team.

Now, you could make the argument that he had to be prepared in case Karl Rove was right about Ohio, but first, that's about three and a half million more in government money than Obama spent four years ago, and second, why the fuck does each candidate get its own funds for a transition team? Loser thinks he needs laptops? Winner's probably gonna need laptops. Cell phones. Desk chairs. The basic needs of a transition team shouldn't rely on who wins. Give each side a million bucks for specialized incidentals and keep the rest of it on hand for whoever wins. Or just hand a really, really full Staples gift card to the winner the day after Election Day.

In South Carolina, a teacher is fighting his dismissal over stomping on an American flag in class. Compton was trying to teach his students that the flag was a symbol, and that the physical object itself didn't matter, which is a true thing the administration immediately undermined in the most ridiculous way possible. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"Fort Jackson, the largest training base in the world is part of our community and you can see why this is especially important. So many of our veterans have made sacrifices for that flag. We still have men and women deployed in service to our country and we do take this very seriously.” - District spokesman Mike Rounds.

Except, you know, they didn't. The whole point of the lesson is that a grand total of FUCKING ZERO veterans made sacrifices for the flag that hung in Scott Compton's South Carolina classroom. Many of those sacrifices occurred before that flag was even made. They made sacrifices for the COUNTRY, and saying someone stomping on the flag to demonstrate that he wasn't stomping on the country was in fact stomping on the country is precisely the kind of bullshit that leads to so many unnecessary veterans making sacrifices.

And while I'm in the Carolinas, let's not forget about Ed McGovern, owner of the Stingray Cafe in New Bern. Ed McGovern saw one of his lady customers kissing her girlfriend, so he wrote them a note explaining that Jesus didn't approve and he didn't approve and his gay daughter's life got ruined because of all her gay stuff. This was not, by his own admission, the first such note he has written.

OK, fundies. Get one thing into your heads. I have no false hopes that you will ever change your tone about gay people, accept any of the hundreds of arguments that show you're wrong, or stop trying to enshrine one view of the Bible into national law. I don't even expect you to realize that notes like this are a horrible thing to do to people, no matter what intentions you think you have in your heart.

I just want you to realize that notes like this will never, ever, work. They won't do what you want them to. They won't do anything even close to what you think they'll do. You're wasting your time, time that could be better spent praying, watching the 700 Club, or, I don't know, serving the fucking customers in your fucking restaurant. So do those things instead, fuckheads.