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Memo to Dean Chambers: THIS IS NOT CONTRITION.

You may recall Dean Chambers, the dickweed of epic proportions with a name straight out of Garth Merenghi's Darkplace who started his own site,, dedicated to proving that his numbers were right and Nate Silver's were wrong because Nate Silver was an effeminate math nerd, and not a real man

Shortly after the election, when Sliver was proven right and Champers was proven a delusional wingnut with stinkin' farts for thinkin' parts, Chambers waxed apologetic, admitting that he was wrong and probably shouldn't have implied that mathematical ability was genetically linked with back hair.

And shortly after THAT, he started a website devoted to fleecing the faithful into thinking the election was stolen, or, if I'm feeling even less charitable, expounding his honest belief that the election was stolen. It's difficult to judge precisely how stupid Dean Chambers is, but I think the name of his new website should help us narrow down the range. ACTUAL DOMAIN TIME!

You probably realize this, but I've been watching the Stupid-American community shit themselves ever since Obama won the 2008 election. I've seen a lot of really awful attempts at manipulating his name into something derogatory. I've seen Victoria Jackson's attempts, and Big Hollywood commenters' attempts, and in this entire time, I have only seen one permutation worse than "barackofraudo".

That permutation is the one Chambers uses as the title of his site, which inexplicably adds an Irish apostrophe to make it "Barack O'Fraudo". Why not end with an "a", at the very least? Much like the actual site design, it's like he's barely even trying.

The site itself is nearly content-free, and most of the content that is there is just links to other sites, including a hilarious "Master Plan" to steal the election that involves a Soros-funded effort to elect Democrats to Secretary of State positions that's been defunct for years. But there are two items of note if you love hilarity and racism.

First is an article that has, as its primary argument, that the landslide victory of Ronald Reagan in 1980 could have been flipped by stealing only two million votes, that the much closer Obama-Romney election could have been stolen with even fewer votes. Which, while being the closest Chambers has ever been to logic, is still missing any kind of proof or even a fucking point.

And second is his revised electoral map, which identifies Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Virginia as the five states Obama "stole". He distinguishes these from red states and blue states by calling them, I shit you not, "Black States".

Not much else we need to know, is there?