Can't Wait For Monday

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There's no getting around it - Mitt Romney's epic clusterfuck yesterday has got to be dealt with today. Even by Romney standards. this one is pretty fucking epic.

You probably know that four Americans, including ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed in an attack on the American embassy in Libya. You may know that the attack appeared to have arisen out of protests and riots over "Innocence of Muslims", a piece of clumsy, anti-Muslim agitprop that calles Mohammed a child molester.

You may know that Mitt Romney, in statements shortly after the attacks and a press conference yesterday morning, has accused the Obama administration of sympathizing with the attackers, and issued talking points claiming that these attacks were the consequence of Obama apologizing to our enemies and being weak on foreign policy.

How shitty is this? Well, it would be kind of shitty if Obama had actually done that, because, while I'm not a huge fan of the fake rules of civility that everyone pretends we have and nobody actually follows, I do think it's probably best to save your political attacks until after the bodies are cold.

It'd be even shittier if Romney had twisted a statement by someone tangentially associated with the Obama administration, say, Egyptian embassy staff, into the narrative that Obama apologizes to our enemies even as they kill us. Which is, by the way, what the Romney camp would like you to think he did. See, the Egyptian embassy put out a tweet saying that, essentially, the shitty agitprop movie was a bigoted attempt to piss off Muslims, and that they didn't approve of that.

There's nothing wrong with them saying that, but with a Republican base who believe, in their heart of hearts, that offending all Muslims everywhere is the only way to ensure American global dominance, I can see Romney making that leap.

But it's much, much shittier than that. Because the statement from the Egyptian embassy came BEFORE the Libya attacks, and Romney deliberately portrayed it as happening AFTER. Get that? In the real timeline, the events were: Riots over movie. Condemnation of movie. Attacks killing American personnel.

In Romney's timeline, the events were: Riots over movie. Attacks killing American personnel. Condemnation of movie.

That's about as shitty as shitty can be. While their diplomatic brethren in Libya are mourning the loss of their personnel, Romney slanders the Americans serving in Egypt as sympathetic to the murderers, all so he could slander his presidential opponent by association.

Even the Republican establishment spent most of Wednesday either outright criticizing Romney, or not defending him. Over the next day or two, you'll see them recover, and do their best to spin and twist and tweak and pretend that Romney didn't do what he did, that what he did wasn't that horrible, and that clearly, this is all the fault of Muslim savages and (read as "like") Obama.

But the fact remains - backed into a corner, with Obama riding high in the polls after the DNC, and the electoral map looking uglier and uglier for Mitt, we saw exactly how far, and how low, he would go in an attempt to shift things in his favor. And that, right there, tells you all you need to know when November rolls around.