Silence Now Equals Doom

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Memo to Marcus Bachmann, Michele Bachmann, and the media: I AM SHOCKED.

Late Friday night, as you may have noticed if you follow @youaredumb on Twitter, the gay advocacy group Truth Wins Out reported the results of its undercover investigation into Marcus Bachmann's "Christian-centered" therapy clinic here in Minnesota. The one that receives state and federal funds. And as we all suspected, the investigation revealed that, yes, that clinic does engage in "ex-gay" or "reparative" therapy, known colloquially as "pray away the gay".

When it comes to crimes against humanity perpetrated by conservative Christians, reparative therapy tops the modern list. They convince people, mostly men, who are both deeply religious and deeply gay that they can suppress their homosexuality, learn to be sexually attracted to women, and live happy, straight, sin-free lives.

It's pure bullshit, of course. I mean, just listen to the things John Becker, the undercover journalist, was told might have caused his homosexuality by Timothy Wiertzema, his counselor: anxiety about his high-pitched voice, sexual abuse, and discovering gay porn instead of straight porn as a teen. Wiertzema also told him that "as far as how God created us, we're all heterosexual". About the only thing he left out is spending too much time with a strong mother figure and not enough with a strong father figure.

This shit is dangerous and harmful and cruel, and I expected this news to make waves throughout the media. I mean, Michele Bachmann is RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. She just became the frontrunner in Iowa. She's leading Mitt Romney there. I expected this news to spark some sort of debate - specifically, the wrong sort.

See, I know how the media works. And the news that Marcus Bachmann is trying to turn people straight wouldn't have started a discussion about whether Michele Bachmann shares those views, or is fit to be president. No, the debate would have been about the validity of reparative therapy.

It doesn't matter that the question has been settled - by psychologists, psychiatrists, the entire scientific community in the mental health area condemns reparative therapy for the fucking horror show that it is. But we've settled all kinds of things that are still debated hotly in the media. Jim Inhofe couldn't attend a global warming denial conference because he was sick from algae at their highest-ever levels in Oklahoma thanks to global warming, for fuck's sake.

So I was expecting the global warming debate for praying away the gay, only even more irritating. And, since I freely admit here when I'm wrong, I'll freely admit here, right now, that I was wrong. That was not the debate.

Because there was no debate. This news didn't make a dent anywhere. I'm not even sure MSNBC covered it. All Google News is showing is the Minnesota Independent and some gay news sites and blogs. A few dozen stories total about the fact that the Republican frontrunner's husband supports torturing gay people until they can stomach fucking the opposite sex. Nobody cares.

So, in case you thought you might get through the next 18 months with your sanity intact, think again. Just accept that we're fucked and roll with it.