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Fear is a funny thing. Hippies are afraid that unregulated corporations will destroy the environment in pursuit of profit, and are "proven right" when an oil reservoir explodes into the Gulf of Mexico, creating one of the greatest environmental catastrophes in human history. Rabid wing nuts are afraid that radical Islam will turn America into a caliphate and impose sharia law, and are "proven right" when one airplane passenger sets his penis on fire. Nothing has stoked that latter fear like plans to build a mosque in New York City, two blocks from the former site of the World Trade Center. And that fear is what's causing this week's IDIOTS to SAY THE DAMNDEST THINGS.

"I believe it is very offensive and it’s wrong. I don’t believe that legally it can be stopped, however, because of the first amendment. But having said that, you know, the mosque will be there. It will be within walking distance of where so many Americans were killed by radical Muslims. And, obviously we cannot blame all of Islam for what a handful of terrorists did. What bothers me though is since then that so many Muslim leaders have failed to speak out against radical Islam, against the attacks. We had mosques here on Long Island who were actually blaming the attacks on the Jews, the CIA and the FBI. So, that’s why this is particularly offensive." - NY congressman Peter King, still the second-stupidest King in Congress.

Obviously you -can- blame all of Islam, fuckwit, because obviously that's exactly what you're doing when a bunch of moderate Muslims want to build a community center and mosque, and you object to it because of what some Muslims said and some other Muslims did. Now, legally, we can't stop you from hating Muslims, because of the first amendment. But having said that, you know, maybe you should at least be honest about it.

Also, this is New York City. Do you know how much stuff is within walking distance of Ground Zero? I guarantee you there's dude's sleeping on the street within walking distance. Dudes pooping in bushes within walking distance. Dudes trading derivatives within walking distance. All things just as disrespectful, if not more so, than a mosque, which is just another place people go to pretend there's a god and an afterlife.

"The monument would consist of a Mosque for the worship of the terrorists' monkey-god (repeat: 'the terrorists' monkey-god.' if you feel that fits a description of Allah then that is your own deep-seated emotional baggage not mine, talk to the terrorists who use Allah as their excuse and the Muslims who apologize for and rationalize them) and a 'cultural center' to propagandize for the extermination of all things not approved by their cult. It is a project of American Society for Muslim Advancement and the Cordoba Initiative, essentially the same group of apologists (but under 2 different names) for terrorists and the animals who use it as a terrorist ideology. They cloak their evil with new age gibberish that suggests Islam is just misunderstood." - Tea Party Express chairman and radio talk show host Mark Williams, on his blog.

See, King? Mark Williams is honest about hating Muslims and blaming all Muslims. He's also completely fucking insane, but what are you gonna do? He's a right-wing talk radio host. He's paid to be completely fucking insane. So I'm not going to take issue with him calling Allah a "monkey-god", or his fake apology to Hindus the next day for possibly insulting their actual monkey god. It's Williams' job to say that shit, and apparently there's an audience for it.

No, what concerns me is his parenthetical aside, in which he attempts to justify the term "monkey-god" in a way that completely eludes me. I mean, clearly Williams himself feels that it's a fitting description of Allah, because he said it, but then he said if you think it's fitting, then that's the result of deep-seated emotional baggage? But only when you think it, not him? I don't expect Mark Williams to have actual reasoning, but most of the time these dudes make up their premises to fit their conclusions. Williams is actually making up the logical rules in the middle.

I also don't see how talking to the terrorists would help explain things, but I'm pretty sure that's just a bad segue into more hate - something Williams has to do so often he doesn't even realize he's doing it anymore.

"And I’ll tell you this: If you do build a mosque, I hope somebody blows it up... I hope the mosque isn’t built, and if it is, I hope it’s blown up. And I mean that... It’s right-wing radicals like me that are going to keep this country safe for you and everyone else from the people who are flying the planes from the country you fled from. If you want to identify with those people, go live with them."

“I did NOT advocate bombing any mosque... the supposed mosque does not exist.”

"While I stand by my disagreement of the building of the mosque on the site, I SHOULD NOT have said 'I hope someone blows it up.' That was dumb, and beneath me. I was trying to show 'Tony' how much I opposed his opinion, but I went too far. For that, I apologize to my listeners. - Michael Berry, another wingnut NYC talk show host, on three separate occasions.

This is, of course, classic backtracking from another wing nut radio host who got caught up in his rhetoric, said what he really felt, and got in trouble for it.

First, you've got to love the idea that conditional threats aren't actually threats. "No, officer, I just said IF he says one more word to me, THEN I'll shoot him in the face. That's not a threat, because he didn't say one more word to me." Yeah. Try that sometime. I'm sure it won't get you tased.

But the best part is where he gets what he shouldn't have said completely wrong. The hoping the mosque gets blown up wasn't the mistake. The mistake was saying "I mean that." Because those are three completely unambiguous words that tell us what we pretty much knew anyway - that Berry wasn't trying to show how much he opposed Tony's opinion, that he wasn't being hyperbolic or metaphorical. He meant it.

And they all mean it. Or they're paid so well to pretend to mean it that they need their audience to believe that they mean it, which amounts to the same thing. But don't mind me, I'm just a hippie worrying about things that don't affect the entire American population and the planet the way occasional Islamic terrorism does.