In Which I Once Again Identify The Problem

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Memo to Candy Crowley and company: INCIVILITY IS NOT THE PROBLEM.

So I'm watching CNN's "State Of The Union", because the only other thing on is that show that's always on Food Network, I believe it's called "Will The Cake Fall Over?", and since the cakes are all about Miley Cyrus, and I cannot guarantee that any of them will fall over, much less fall over, catch fire, and reveal Satanic backwards masking in "Party in the U.S.A.", CNN it is.

The theme of the show is "incivility", and it's full of words like "respect", and "turn down the volume", and of course the dreaded incivility, and all this talk about how we need to be more civil makes me want to fucking slap some people around.

Let me make this perfectly clear. I don't care how civil you are. And the rest of us shouldn't either. The problem isn't incivility. The problem is Crazy And Wrong. It doesn't matter how civil you are if you're crazy and wrong. You can rant and be mean and call people names until the cows come home if you're factually correct.

When John Boehner calls passage of health care Armageddon, that's crazy and wrong, because even by the standards of rhetorical exaggeration, passing health care reform isn't fucking Armageddon. When Neugebauer called Bart Stupak a babykiller, it was crazy and wrong because Stupak's biggest problem is that he's way too attached to Neugebauer's precious embryos.

Case in point. You know who should be at the center of a huge scandal right now? Eric Fucking Cantor, that's who. Motherfucker went crazy and wrong trying to defend teabagger crazy and wrong by claiming some left-wing nutjob fired a bullet into his campaign office. Which is true, if you define "left-wing nutjob" as a random dude, "fired a bullet into" as shooting randomly into the air, and "his campaign office" as "the first floor of a building outside his district where his staff does some minor administrative work on the second floor.

That's the kind of shit that should get you fired. We shouldn't be discussing whether Cantor wasn't civil. We should be discussing the fact that he made shit up, for no other reason than to try and make the Wingnut Revolutionaries whose votes he needs look better by comparison.<?p>

Crowley was also obsessed with the idea that there was something wrong with Democrats fundraising off the violence by Republicans. I get where she's coming from. It's been a minor scandal this year when Republicans raised money from scandals - Joe Wilson raising money off "You Lie", Neugebauer fundraising off "Babykiller". So I can see where someone who is deeply stupid might think that raising money off your opponents' outrageous behavior is just as bad as raising money off your own outrageous behavior. Anyone with a lick of fucking sense would see it differently, but anyone with a lick of fucking sense doesn't get to host one of these shows. Catch-22.

Or John McCain. At his big rally with Sarah Palin, he claimed to represent the views of more Americans than Barack Obama. (I'd pull a direct quote, but nobody seems to have bothered quoting that part and there are only so many Sarah Palin YouTube clips I'm willing to sit through to find it.) If anyone should be painfully aware that he represents the views of, at most, 46% of Americans, it's John "Not President, Remember?" McCain. Pretending otherwise is crazy and wrong, but considering he was using Sarah Palin to boost his crazy and wrong bonafides for his tough primary challenge against a very, very crazy and wrong individual, I suppose he thought he could get away with it. And looking at the coverage, I suppose he was right.