Still Crazy After All This Year

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Memo to Antonin Scalia, Allen Quist, and Rex Rammell: YOU ARE DUMB.

It turns out the rolling over of the calendar's odometer is not actually a magic, watershed moment. We're still surrounded by crazy assholes, ringed by morons, and deafened from the cacophony of IDIOTS SAYING THE DAMNDEST THINGS.

"...every aspect of your career broadens your outlook... it's good for the court to have people of varying backgrounds." - Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, in an interview given between flipping off a crowd and telling Clarence Thomas how to vote.

Now, wait just one damn minute. I know Scalia was talking about the lack of non-judges here, but I'm pretty sure that just a few scant months ago, we were all warned by Scalia-worshipping motherfuckers that having people with diverse backgrounds on the court was irrelevant, and that suggesting it was a good idea made whoever suggested it a racist.

I can certainly understand where he's coming from here. If I were Scalia, I'd be all too painfully aware of how being a judge is no guarantee of being worth a damn as a Supreme Court justice. But he's just committed right-wing apostasy here, and the only reason he'll get away with it is that he's clearly laying the groundwork for President Palin's nomination of Chief Justice Glenn Beck.

"Our country is being destroyed. Every generation has had to fight the fight for freedom… Terrorism? Yes. That’s not the big battle. The big battle is in D.C. with the radicals. They aren’t liberals. They are radicals. Obama, Pelosi, Walz: They’re not liberals, they’re radicals. They are destroying our country." - Allen Quist, running against Tim Walz for Congress in Minnesota's First District.

See, this is why I don't leave the 494-694 loop except in an emergency. You motherfuckers are crazy out there. I hope you're not crazy enough to fall for this "my opponent is more dangerous than a terrorist" bullshit. We already have a district that crazy, and if we lose it in the Census or in the 2010 election, we really don't need a stand-in.

Also, from now on, nobody gets to say that anybody is destroying the country unless they have pictures of fresh rubble to show me. Dubya didn't destroy the country, and he was trying his limited, high-functioning best. I think we can survive eight years of Obama.

"To think that we can save the Constitution without God's help when the government of the United States is corrupt is absurdity. We are in America's second Revolutionary War to save our freedom, which we paid for with blood. We need God's help and I'm not ashamed to ask for it." - Idaho gubernatorial candidate Rex Rammell. I'm pretty sure I had a Rex Rammell action figure as a child, come to think about it. Although I may be confusing him with Mr. Potato Head.

Let me be the first to say, or at least reiterate, that your second revolutionary war sucks much bigger donkey balls than the first one did. The Wingnut Revolution is in such piss-poor shape, it's current standard-bearers are a guy trying to be the governor of Idaho, and, of course, the Tea Partiers, who, as this photo of founder Dale Robertson proves, are a bunch of racists who can't spell.

You lot would be terrifying if you were any good at this at all.