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Memo to Ponce De Leon, FL: MANY OF YOU ARE DUMB.

With the conventions over, one of the ways I've been trying to distract myself from McCain's bouncing poll numbers* is by going back through old references looking for motherfuckers who should have gotten yelled at, but didn't. As hard as I try, I cannot yell at every motherfucker who deserve a good yell-at in a timely or topical fashion. It's not my fault. Fucktards just seem to proliferate in numbers greater than the four to eight a week I can traditionally cover.

Case in point - David Davis, principal of Ponce De Leon High School, Ponce De Leon, Florida. In an incident that I somehow managed to miss, last fall, a student came to him in confidence, complaining that students were taunting her for being a lesbian. His response? Out her to her parents, telling her that homosexuality was wrong, and ordering her to stay away from small children.

This is small-town calumny and assholery of the highest order. Seriously evil shit. And on top of that, as far as I'm concerned, you can't be at a high school called PONCE in a town called PONCE and then have the gall to be virulently anti-gay. And no, it doesn't help to protest that the town was named after the "fountain of youth" guy. Just saying.

The good news is, the principal is now a teacher, and the town now owes the ACLU $350,000 in legal fees. The bad news is, it wasn't because the principal was a raging homophobic bastard. Not directly. It was because when the girl's friends protested by wearing gay pride T-shirts and buttons, he suspended them. That's when the school board got sued, and a few weeks back is when the judge ruled against the school board on every single count. Tore them a new legal asshole. Which is why the school board is on the hook for the court costs and the principal is demoted.

And while I absolutely applaud the people in Ponce De Leon who stood up for this girl and punished their insane bigot neighbors, it doesn't appear to have made the neighbors any less insane or bigoted. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"We are a small, rural district in the Bible Belt with strong Christian beliefs and feel like homosexuality is wrong. I don't think we are that different from a lot of districts, at least in the Panhandle, that have beliefs that maybe are different from societal changes." - Steve Griffin, Holmes County superintendent, who keeps a Bible on his desk, Scripture on his walls, and a deep-seated longing for 1955 in his stupid, stupid heart.

Yeah, well, that's why we have a court system. Ostensibly. At the best of times, the court system has been there to step in and say to the willfully backward that if you're going to be willfully backward, and proud of it, then there are going to be consequences. Don't want the consequences? Then stop being backwards pricks, or at least curtail the public expression of your backwardsy prickiness.

If you really are, in the words of elderly resident Bill "Completely Different And Unrelated" Griffin, a "gentle, peaceful, Christian, family-oriented community" who "aren't out to tar and feather anyone," then feel free. But when you go after anyone who isn't sufficiently gentle, Christian, and family-oriented, then it does my heart good to see an all-too-rare situation where someone steps in and stops you.

*And believe me, there are few mental images I want to distract myself more from than "McCain's Bouncing Pole"