Tell Someone About YAD 2008

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Memo to all thousand or so of you: IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN.

Yes, it's round five of the annual tradition, Tell Someone About You Are Dumb Day. As always, scheduled on the closest Friday to May 1. We each have our parts to play. I provide a short refresher on what I do here and a list of some of my favorite columns from the past year, you go out to your favorite Internet haunts (or, if you're feeling cruel, some of your least favorite haunts" and throw the site in front of their faces.

Then they come here, like what they see, my power and influence grows, and I'm one step closer to apotheosis. Or something.

Anyway, the whole idea behind You Are Dumb Dot Net is that stupid people ruin shit for smart people. They irritate us, they annoy us, and they hold us back as a society. The more power stupid people have, the farther we get from Utopia. There are a number of weapons we have against the chronically thick. We can try to reason with them, we can try to educate them, we can try to bring them into the debate. Or, we can call them names and laugh at them. I'll leave those first three weapons to kinder, more patient people. Here at YAD, we traffic almost entirely in mockery and abuse.

Is it constructive? No. Is it elevating the discourse? No. Do I care? No. I'm not here to change lives, make a difference, or save the world. I'm here to laugh at stupid people, from the tap-dancing moron who leads the ostensibly free world all the way down to lowly New Jersey cops caught fucking cows. Which actually just happened, by the way. You know, the only thing I can think of more insulting to a cow than being fucked by a human is being fucked by a human in a state with a breed of cattle named after it. Or a state named after a breed of cattle. I'm not actually sure which came first.

Anyway, if you're new to the site, welcome. The following links should give you a pretty good idea of what we're all about here.

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There you have it. You Are Dumb Dot Net. Making the Interent slightly more interesting for ten minutes each day. Stick around. After all, it's an election year.