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July 14th

The Stuff

You Are Dumb Dot Net is currently engaged in a number of fruitless promotional ventures:

The CafePress Store

The CafePress store currently features several T-Shirt designs. Any design can be migrated to any other shirt upon request, but I can't do more without giving CafePress money, and that's not going to happen. By the way, I receive no money from any of this, because of the tax hassle and because if you're gonna pimp my site on your body or car, I'd feel bad making a dime off of it too.

T-Shirt Designs:

Give advice to fanboys in a place they're genetically predisposed to look - on the front of a T-Shirt.

You Are Dumb's orbiting robot hand satellite, capable of striking any dumbass from space. Available with two slogans: "Don't Make Me Smack You From Orbit", and the less tacktful "Keeping Our Pimp Hand Strong... In Space."

F-Bombs Don't Kill Children

Celebrate the relative inoffensiveness of your foul mouth.

Bumper Sticker:

More Ninja, Less Mormon

Celebrate your preferred end of the ninja-mormon dichotomy with this car-ass pronouncement.

Desktop Wallpaper

Now, you can have Smackstar One on your desktop! Warn your co-workers that they risk your orbital wrath! Get brought up on disciplinary charges for your inappropriate background! Enrich your life!

Both in 1280x1024. If you use a smaller desktop, tough shit.