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October 11th

More Angry, More Mobbing

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Memo to The Angry Mob: YOU’RE RIGHT.

Apparently, the official Republican midterm strategy is to defeat Strawman Q. Democrat in the generic congressional ballot. Strawman Q. Democrat is a radical socialist from Venezuela who falsely accuses good men of rape, has been ordered by Eric Holder to physically assault decent Republicans in the public space and is, as we all somehow are, on the payroll of George Soros.

Having successfully concluded that Republicans will literally believe fucking anything, they’re going with the idea that Democrats are an organized, well-funded mob of unhinged nutjobs who will destroy everything that is good and holy should they get into power in the midterms and that everything is their fault even though Democrats have so little power they can’t even get Joe Fucking Manchin to stay on the motherfucking right side of history when it matters.

Quick aside. One of the things I’ve spent the last week struggling with how to integrate Joe Manchin into my credo of “vote for any Democrat, no matter how shitty.”, and the answer is awful, because the answer is to vote for Joe Manchin anyway, and I hate that. And it’s not even about having Manchin in the Senate to vote with Democrats on the important stuff, because Kavanaugh proved he won’t. No, Manchin has to get six more fucking years ruining things in Congress simply because him losing would weaken the national narrative of a blue wave and reduce the chance of the all-important “Dems Take Back House And Senate” headline. That’s all he’s good for, and the reward he’ll get for it is obscenely disproportionate, and we all have to live with that. Six years from now I’ll happily support him losing to a better primary opponent who’ll lose in the general, because FUCK JOE MANCHIN, but 2018 isn’t about candidates, it’s about the national message.

Anyway, back to Strawman Q. Democrat. You may think my description is hyperbole. I appreciate you thinking I’m still capable of hyperbole at this point, but I’m not, and it’s not. The president is spouting this shit at his Viagra rallies twice a week. Lindsay Graham has pulled off his human mask and gone full Lizard Alien in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings and is promoting this shit too. Fox News, unsurprisingly, is all over it, as both the chroniclers and creators of the right-wing alternate universe.

It’s almost flattering and heartening, in a way. It’s clearly a show of fear on their part. It’s also clearly a sign that deep down, they know how deeply unappealing they are, because that’s how bad they have to convince people Democrats are to make sure they think Democrats are worse. There was a time, not too long ago, that they just had to say Democrats will raise your taxes and give your money to brown and black people and that was enough. But not anymore. Now we have to be a crazed mob of socialists willing to turn America into Venezuela in order to be worse than a bunch of rape-enabling Nazi sympathizers who are also all under indictment or will be soon.

Which means, funnily enough, that both sides are approaching the midterms with the strategy of “vote for us because the other side is clearly worse”. One side is basing this on a mountain of painfully obvious evidence, and the other side is basing it on the fact that a mountain of painfully obvious evidence doesn’t mean jack shit in a world where “the president” can “write” a USA Today op-ed filled start-to finish with lies and multiply-debunked claims about Medicare For All, and USA Today can defend it’s decision by saying they “sparked debate” between the two sides of lies and not lies.

2018 is a knock-down brawl for raw power between two groups of people, one of whom definitely understands this which is why they’ve ramped up voter suppression to levels so obvious they have to know they’re going to get caught and are hoping to just get away with it long enough to get through the election. And the other is the Democratic Party, who could really benefit from acting a lot more like the Republican caricature of Democrats right now.