Archive - Feb 13, 2018

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The Soft Bigotry of Soft Bigots

« February 2018 »

Memo to this fucking administration: FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

The greatest irony in modern history is now official. The single greatest beneficiary of the “soft bigotry of low expectations”, a racist conservative argument about how liberals are the real racists, is a racist white president swept into power by the reactionary wave against the first black president.

Because let’s face it, even if you ignore the ugly specifics of the Rob Porter scandal, the handling of the scandal by the Ku Klux Kops of Trump’s inner circle demonstrates a level of incompetence that should trigger simultaneous impeachment and 25th Amendment proceedings, but once again, we’re all just “welp, that’s our President now.”

Here’s how badly they’ve handled this situation. They’ve handled it so badly that Brian Fucking Kilmeade on Fox and Motherhumping Friends not only noticed, but asked one pointed, albeit obvious, question about it on the air. That’s functionally equivalent to Punxsutawney Phil popping out of his hole and accurately telling you the barometric pressure. It’s not that impressive a feat for most people, but that was a fucking groundhog that did it.

We were somehow expected to believe, over the past day or two, that in private, Donald Trump was very angry and condemning the domestic violence committed by his staff secretary, but in public, he was talking about how much he liked Porter and how Porter said he was innocent and Tweeting about how awful it is that men’s careers are ruined by accusations like this. That’s technically gaslighting, but it’s more of the “hold a lighter up to your rectum before you fart” variety.

The normal scandal would be that in public, you talk about how horrible domestic violence is, and of course, as soon as you found out about the allegations, you took immediate action and removed Porter from his position, and then an e-mail or a hot mic or a leak would happen and everyone would learn that in private, the President was misogynist running a boy’s club and paying lip service to his condemnation.

It’s so sad that a week later, they’re still trying to come up with a timeline that lets them say they acted as soon as they knew for sure that Porter had done something wrong, a nearly impossible task given both the constant lies from Still A Horrible Person And Not The Adult In The Room John Kelly and the constant leaks from meetings where he told them all to lie about the timeline. They are fucking awful at their jobs, and yet the system enables, protects, and coddles them, redefining “the center” and “normalcy” and “competence” every time they blow out the previously established limits on those ideas.

And all of that, all of that, is aside from the main issue - that they’re doing all this in service of the latest one of their own to be shown to be a serial abuser of women. A man so clearly a serial abuser of women that the FBI wouldn’t give him a security clearance. A man who nevertheless got to handle all of the Presiden’t super-secret documents, and probably had to read most of them to him, because we set up a system where the President can do pretty much whatever he wants, and the only things stopping him are norms and voters. Oops.