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Minimum Necessary

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Memo to asshole nerds, the NRA, and Republicans: YOU ARE DUMB.

There's a lot going on right now, but not a lot to say about them, because all this shit is pretty straightforward. So instead of padding things out, let's just have a minimum necessary SPASTIC TOPIC MONKEY FRIDAY!

Man, asshole nerds haven't even come to grips with a black female Iron Man and now they've gotta cope with a gay Sulu. If you have an asshole nerd in your life, why? But if you do have an asshole nerd in your life, you may want to check on them and make sure they're OK, because two shocks like this in short succession might be too much for their fragile little minds.

I anxiously await the NRA's fervent defense of Philando Castle, the legal gun owner killed by police during a routine traffic stop. I mean, they shot him just because they were terrified of the legally owned and carried Second Amendment firearm he told them about. Government overreach!

I'm kidding, of course. The NRA knows all too well that the Second Amendment doesn't apply to black people, and believes all too well that it shouldn't, because nothing sells guns to white people like being afraid of black people.

And now, because that's how this works, Republicans have opened an investigation into the investigation that (sort of) cleared Hillary Clinton on the whole e-mail thing

This sudden concern over the inequalities inherent in our justice system is adorable. It's just like how they're all suddenly concerned about the due process and Constitutional implications of the no-fly list as soon as someone suggested we use it to keep people from buying guns. The problem is real, their concern is not. Of course rich, powerful people have a much more pleasant time in the American justice system than the rest of us do. These days, some of us are lucky to even make it into the justice system before being murdered for doing nothing wrong. But it's not unique to Hillary, and these assholes don't want to lose their privilege, they just want this one person they don't like to lose hers.