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Memo to Carly Fiorina and her ilk: I'M GONNA GO WITH "MODERATELY".

As we all know by now, Robert Dear, who killed three people and wounded nine at a Colorado Planned Parenthood, clinic over the weekend, killed three people and wounded nine at a Planned Parenthood clinic because he opposed abortion and believed that Planned Parenthood was harvesting baby parts for profit.

Side note - it turns out that every single Internet wingnut who decided based on a single report that this was in fact not domestic forced-birth terrorism but was in fact a bank robbery gone wrong and all you crazy liberals saying that this was political were taking advantage of a tragedy? Yeah, completely fucking wrong as usual and will suffer no censure or penalty for being completely fucking wrong as usual.

So, in the wake of the shooting, one burning question remains. How responsible, exactly, is Carly Fiorina for this shooting? Carly Fiorina, who I have to remind you is still running for president, famously spent a chunk of one of the debates talking about how she totally saw Planned Parenthood harvesting the organs from a baby, and then spent a couple of weeks after that insisting that she totally saw the baby harvest even though nobody could actually find a baby harvest on any of the videos.

Fiorina is not, as some of the more hyperbolic commenters have suggested, criminally liable. I mean, she totally lied about Planned Parenthood harvesting babies for profit, there's no argument there, but if I lie to you and say that guy over there fucked your wife, and you beat him to a pulp, that's still on you. Why would I do that? I don't know, but why does anyone lie about crimes that didn't happen?

So legally, she's off the hook. Which is kind of a shame, because ever since Rick Perry dropped out, the GOP field has been devoid of anyone under an active indictment.

Ethically and morally, though? Different story. Now, Fiorina did not invent the idea that Planned Parenthood was harvesting baby organs. The pro-life assholes who made the fake videos that told everyone that getting compensated for the processing costs of fetal tissue research was "harvesting baby organs for profit" did that. And did it so well that news stories about the shooting are still "teaching the controversy" even though not only was Planned Parenthood never harvesting baby organs, they stopped doing the thing stupid people kept calling harvesting baby organs. Like a month or two ago.

But Carly Fiorina was, beyond a shadow of the doubt, the highest profile person to give credence to the controversy, and her claim what that she done seen it was farther than any other politician I can remember at the time. And her defense of it, and the media's seeming inability to outright state that she (or anyone) is a fucking liar, really did a lot for putting the Planned Parenthood = Baby Harvesters idea into people's heads.

And sure, the idea was out there in the wingnutosphere and Fox News, and maybe Dear didn't get the idea that PP was harvesting baby organs from Fiorina, but when we talk about the dangers of extreme rhetoric, one of the biggest dangers is rhetoric that is a flat-out fucking lie that crazy stupid people believe, because crazy stupid people are dangerous.

So I'm going to say Fiorina is moderately responsible for the Colorado shootings. Not as responsible as if she'd held the gun herself or paid the guy to do it, but certainly more responsible for it than she feels or will ever admit to feeling. And certainly enough to disqualify her from being president, if everything else about her didn't disqualify her already.

Of course, it's important to remember that even though I'm sure Dear was a Christian, that this wasn't "Christian Terrorism" or even "Radical Christianity". It's the product of a sick ideology that's twisted Christianity and used it to further its own ends towards power, in much the same way the Islamic State twists and perverts Islam. This ideology, of course, is called "Republican", or, in the local dialect, "Douche". They hate it when you refer to them as "Douche".