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Memo to the Wingnut Revolution: COME ON, EMBRACE YOUR VICTORY!

The Wingnut Revolutionaries have been fairly quiet for months, now. They said the Gabrielle Giffords shooting wasn't their fault, but they were clearly chastened by it. Oh, sure, Sarah Palin trotted out "Don't Retreat, Reload" a few times, but she only did it to prove she wasn't a-feared of saying it. The actual level of violent, eliminationist rhetoric by armchair teabagging tricorner-humping doughy loads on the Internet dropped off big-time.

I mean, it used to be we'd hear someone saying every single day that Barack Obama and/or the Left and/or the Democratic Party were actively plotting to destroy America, and that the right and proper thing to do was save America from them, by any means necessary, up to and including shooting a bunch of people, because that's what the Second Amendment Remedy is all about, don'tchaknow?

They talked a good game, but we all knew they'd never go through with it here. Because they're not rebels and revolutionaries. They're just very comfortable racists under the collective delusion that they're doing something every time one of them exhorts the rest of them to do something.

So I'm shocked, SHOCKED, I SAY, to see the American ultraconservative right distancing themselves from Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian man who took up arms against the oppression of the Labour Party's youth political retreat and murdered nearly 70 of the participants. Oh, and bombed some buildings in Oslo for good measure. Because the only difference between Anders Behring Breivik and the Wingnut Revolution in America is that Breivik acted.

Breivik thought Obama was a Marxist. Breivik thought radical Islam was taking over Europe. Breivik thought his country's left-most party was complicit in and enabling the takeover of his country by Islam. Breivik read Pam Gellar's blog and Jihad Watch. He hated multiculturalism. He thought global warming was just a myth created to allow the United Nations to create a one-world government. He hated communism. He called himself a "Christian crusader". He hated feminism, and even took a shot at the "War On Christmas".

That is a hell of a list. About the only thing that doesn't fit the Wingnut Revolution profile is his open admiration for the Unabomber. But, you know, there are degrees of crazy.

You want more proof? Just watch some of the mental gymnastics being undertaken to position Breivik outside their fold. Pam Gellar lied about the number of times he linked to her and blamed Muslims for making Breivik so mad at them, but that's par for the course from her. No, the best reasoning by far is the claim that "right wing" and "left wing" mean different things in Europe, so when people say he's a "right-wing" extremist, he's really a "left-wing" extremist.

This relies on a series of assumptions and manipulations too convoluted for me to follow, an abuse of history on an epic scale, and a complete disavowal that the meanings of terms depend on usage. Dana Loesch laid it all out on one of Breitbart's sites, if you have a strong constitution. Glenn Beck has simplified it and run with it, while also hinting that there's something a bit fishy about a political summer camp that sits somewhere between the ones the Tea Party are running this spring and a Young Republican convention*. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"And then there was a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like, you know, the Hitler youth or whatever. I mean, who does a camp for kids that's all about politics? Disturbing."

Man, I'm so old I remember when comparing victims of a tragedy to Nazis was controversial, and everyone who associated with some lowly academic who did it had to distance themselves immediately, even if it was a couple degrees of separation**. But I guess we live in a post-post-9/11 world now, and Glenn Beck thinks he can say what he needs to say to pretend Breivik wasn't one of their ilk.

Well, tough shit. He thinks what they thought. And he did what they say they should do. He decided his nation was threatened by Muslim-coddling globalist Marxist sympathizers, and he fought back against the tyranny with all the paramilitary bluster of the Red State Strike Force, and then some. He blew up some leftists in government, then went to an island and shot a bunch of kids who wanted to be leftists in government.

He's a Wingnut Revolutionary, whether they like it or not. And it's very, very telling that they don't like it one bit.

*Albeit one where they actually talk policy, instead of getting drunk, attempting date-rape, and planning wacky pranks to Get Them Darn Libruls.

**Your Google terms: Ward Churchill, little Eichmanns.