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Psychosis Continues Unabated

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Memo to all and sundry: WE ARE STILL DUMB.

In case you were wondering, we still live in Crazyworld. Putting the Democrats in charge didn't increase the overall sanity a hell of a lot. Neither did electing the first black President. There are a lot of reasons for this, so I figured I'd assemble a few of them and arrange them between horizontal lines on a Friday. It's a thing that I do. And if you're wondering about the rent-boy, I'll get to that on Monday - everyone else made all the obvious jokes already, so there's no rush, Certainly not enough of one to warrant supplanting SPASTIC TOPIC MONKEY FRIDAY!

So a couple of months ago, the Republican National Committee send out a survey. The survey was designed to look like official Census documents, because Republicans are, as a general rule, the moral equivalent of fake checks from credit card companies, sweepstakes envelopes that make you think you've won, and e-mails from "Paypal Securty Offices". Anyway, the survey was generally frowned upon by people who think political parties shouldn't openly be scamming the public, and Congress passed a law prohibiting the practice.

So then the RNC put out another survey designed to look like official Census documents. That's one reason we live in Crazyworld, by the way. Normal human quantities of shame would usually stop people from attempting the same scam they just got busted for. Anyway, this new law should have the people involved hauled into the police station, right? Wrong. The new law prevented people from putting the word "Census" on the envelope without also putting their real information on the envelope. So the RNC put the words "census document" on the inside of the envelope. Behind a plastic window. And the people who made the law threw up their hands, said there was nothing they could do, and set about to plug the loophole.

Of course, it's now fucking MAY, which means any law would be good for another week or so before it's completely useless for the next ten years. Stopping the RNC from doing this, legally and politically, should have been the simplest fucking thing Congress did all year, yet they couldn't pull it off. Crazyworld.

Speaking of Crazyworld, it looks like the stock market crashed by nearly 10% of its value for nearly half an hour yesterday, which is ridiculous to begin with. But it gets even more ridiculous when you learn that it was likely caused by a typo. Some Citigroup trader sold billions instead of millions, and an entire army of douchebags with MBA's, and computer programs written at the behest of douchebags with MBA's, sent the financial system briefly spiraling out of control.

In other words, finance is still 95% completely fucking imaginary. Imaginary products, imaginary services, digital traders making millions of trades a minute based on arbitrary rules, and everyone takes their cut. And it only becomes real when one of the MBA douchebags cashes out, or when the money has to become less imaginary, so they take it from us. That's downtown Crazyworld, folks.

Joe Lieberman is still a senator. Joe Lieberman still writes legislation. Joe Lieberman is still allowed to bring that legislation to the floor of the Senate. And when he does that, Joe Lieberman is still taken seriously, even when the legislation he proposes would strip the citizenship of Americans connected with terrorism - not on a conviction, but on an ARREST. Which means that, among other things, Joe Lieberman hasn't been paying attention at all, because we've spent a lot of time over the past decade arresting people on terrorism charges, deporting them, torturing them, and keeping them locked up in Gitmo... who aren't actually terrorists at all and never were.

And the reason this is permitted to happen? Every single one of the fucking Democrats, Obama included, who supported Joe Lieberman over Ned Lamont. Say what you like about the GOP's treatment of Charlie Crist, but if Crist wins, it'll be without Republican help. And unless he's Senator 51, the GOP won't be his friend afterwards, either. A little bit of that resolve in '06 and we wouldn't be dealing with this shit now. But that didn't happen, and the world stays crazy.

Oh, and the best part? His bill is called the Terrorist Expatriation Act. Lovely. Are those the balls of militant xenophobes in your mouth, Joe? It's tough to tell, because your voice always sounds like that.