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Memo to Susan Collins, The Comedy Duo Of Wilson And McKeon, and Barack Obama: YOU ARE DUMB.

I probably should dig into the archives for older quotes, but there are three quotes that appeared over the course of the day yesterday that to me, perfectly bracket and define the political world of the year 2010. Technically, there were four, but the fourth one I think needs its own column tomorrow to unpack it fully. Anyway, it's not a pretty sight, but it never is, when IDIOTS SAY THE DAMNDEST THINGS!

"It would be wonderful if President Bush would come out for the treaty. That would be so powerful and definitely help." - Maine senator Susan Collins, generally regarded as one of the sane ones who Obama can try to woo in a spirit of bipartisanship. For reference, she is referring to Herbert Walker.

What it would "help" with, by the way, is ratifying the fucking START treaty, which every single person on either side of the aisle not currently holding office, from respected foreign policy experts to war criminal Henry Kissinger agree is a good thing. The only people who are wary are, shockingly, Republicans in the Senate. Including Susan Collins, who doesn't understand that neither she, nor Barack Obama, are Dubya. Therefore, they do not need to go running to Bush 41 (or, in a pinch, Dick Cheney) to decide whether or not they should do something. Shut up about the power of one ex-president, stop trying at every turn to make a second ex-president, and do your fucking job.

"Today's briefing and the release of the Pentagon's report are the first steps in what should be a comprehensive process to study whether implementing these recommendations would undermine military readiness or negatively impact the war efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq." - A joint statement by Reps. Joe "You Lie" Wilson and Buck "Buck" McKeon.

The recommendations are the Army's recommendations for repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell. You know, the results of the study the Republicans insisted we have to determine whether repeal would undermine military readiness or negatively impact the war efforts. Now that the military has come down on the side of repeal, the polls have come down on the side of repeal, and even polls of Republicans have come down on the side of repeal, Republicans in Congress think it's time to study repeal some more. Apparently, they need to be one million times more cautious about sending one gay soldier to Iraq than they were about sending 100,000 straight and closeted troops there.

"President Barack Obama told GOP leaders behind closed doors Tuesday that he had failed to reach across party lines enough during his first two years in office, a senior administration official told CNN." - CNN, in a report essentially confirmed by Robert Gibbs.


Fuck it. If he's dumb enough to say that now, to a room full of the fuckheads who've been obstructing him for two years, fuck it. I can't help you, dude. You either believe it or you don't, and either way, you think it's a good idea to say it to a bunch of your sworn enemies who immediately leak it to the press and hold it up as a trophy vindicating their entire warped worldview.

Whoever you think you're appealing to, whoever you think you're convincing by putting this out there, it's not fucking working. Susan Collins wants Bush 41 to sign off on a nuclear arms reduction treaty, for fuck's sake. We are long past the point where boots needed to meet colons, and your boots are stuck, like thousands of gay soldiers, in the closet because you won't do what it takes to get them out.