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Modus Operandi

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Memo to all you dumbasses: WAKE UP.

When something happens a certain way once, you can be forgiven for dismissing it. When something happens a certain way a few times in a row, but you're not paying attention, you can perhaps be forgiven for not noticing.

But when events unfold the same exact way over and over and over again, and you fail to notice the pattern, my tolerance for your stupidity runs right the fuck out.

Police have had a term for this forever. Modus operandi. Modes of operation. When something works, people do it again. And again. They have a certain way of doing things. You can use it to help identify criminals, or you can apply it to, say, the Bush Administration. Who, I must stress, are not criminals. Can't be criminals, because thus far, they have no convictions.

But there's a pattern there nonetheless. Individuals in the administration tell a lie. Now, these are not simple lies. They're complex lies. But they share one significant quality. They are not demonstrably false at the time they're uttered. Usually, this is because the truth is classified. Sometimes, the truth is simply not common knowledge. Sometimes, the truth is just difficult to understand or explain.

The whole point is to buy time. As much time as possible before the truth comes to light. The more time, the better. The truth always comes to light eventually. The lesson of Watergate is not "nobody must ever find out". The lesson is that the finding out must be managed, and the delay is a key part of that management, because the entire system has a hummingbird's attention span.

When the truth does come out, we hit a branching point. The truth can either be denied or embraced. But the pattern is similar. For denial, you say you didn't do it, refuse to answer questions about any evidence that shows you did it, and paint anyone who says you didn't as a destructive partisan. For embracing it, you say you did it, refuse to answer questions about any evidence that shows you shouldn't have done it, and paint anyone who says it was wrong as a destructive partisan.

And then you wait some more. let the news cycle play itself out, declare it's time to put all this behind us, and wait for the next lie to be exposed.

In the past week, this has happened TWICE. The revelation that Bush authorized Scooter's leaking (embraced), and the revelation that they knew the mobile weapons labs weren't mobile weapons labs when they said they were mobile weapons labs (denied). This brings the total count for the past five and half years to... carry the four... six hundred and thirty eight. Ted Bundy varied his MO more than these fucks.

They keep doing it because we don't count. We don't remember. Normally we have a group of people we pay money to count and remember this shit for us, but they're all Chris Matthews now and we don't listen to them anyway. But the pattern is there, and it's more obvious than a flaming kerosene tartan. And none of it would be necessary if these people were one tenth as honest, forthright, or noble as they want you to think they are.

So wake the fuck up already.