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April 28th

Tell Someone About You Are Dumb Day

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Ah, springtime. The flowers bloom, the birds sing, and everyone's favorite not-blog turns to its readership in the annual tradition with the charming moniker Tell Someone About You Are Dumb Day 2006.

Held, as always, on the closest Friday to May 1, Tell Someone About You Are Dumb Day is the one day I ask anything of the audience beyond the motion of your eyeballs. The one day a year I ask you to promote the site. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the Internet, tell someone, tell anyone. Tell people you think will enjoy it. Tell people you think will be offended by it. The word, as the antediluvian joke goes, is legs. Help spread the word.

Of course, since the Friday column stays visible all weekend long, some of you may be reading this site for the very first time. If you're wondering what the fuck You Are Dumb is and why you've been Told about it, allow me to explain.

You Are Dumb is a daily webcolumn. Don't think of it as a blog just because it has words and mentions politics. Think of it instead as a webcomic done by someone who can't draw.

The column covers stupidity in all its many and varied forms, albeit from a leftist/atheist/nerd perspective. Which doesn't mean I don't beat the shit out of leftists, atheists, and nerds from time to time. It just means I do it from the more loving side of complete hatred. There is anger, there is swearing, there are dick jokes, there are even, on occasion, jokes not about penises. Sometimes there aren't any jokes at all, which, if you have a LiveJournal, will be the times you'll like the best. Don't ask me why. It just works out that way.

To help you get started, I've prepared a list of links to columns covering significant events of the past twelve months.

A hurricane. Oh, and some flooding. And subsequently, lying and incompetence.
The resignation of Randy "Duke" Cunningham (who, it was revealed this week, may also have gotten bribed with free hookers. GO DUKE!)

And, of course, the event so significant, so mind-boggling, that people still search it out months later, Kenneth Pinyan gets fucked to death by a horse. If, at the end of things, I'm known solely as the guy who wrote that horse-fucking column, it'll still have been worth it.

Welcome to You Are Dumb Dot Net. Where geopolitics meets Norman Osborne's O-face, and geopolitics is the one to flinch.