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Miers - Lemon

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Memo to President Bush: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME.

Chief Justice Infinite Albedo was bad enough, but this is getting fucking ridiculous. It's like you've devolved into some freakish trope of self-parody as policy.

Five years after picking the head of the vice-presidential selection group to be his vice-president, Bush picks the head of his Supreme Court justice-finding group to be the next Supreme Court justice. Now, that's bad. It says something about a man who tasks his underlings with finding the best person for a job, and then believes them when they say "It seems to be me, sir."

But scant weeks after Brownie, to pick a close personal friend with a skimpy resume to be a Supreme Court justice? The reflexive "cronyism" reaction is so automatic that I'm suspicious of it. Even though I know the President really IS that stupid, the little fuck gets away with so much I figure there's gotta be a Rovian catch in there somewhere.

Miers will be an awful, awful judge, and I can only hope the Democrats won't take the right-wing blogs too seriously and think they've got a winner on their hands. She's a puppet. Worse, she's the puppet OF A PUPPET. She's like some kind of metatextual right hand of Senor Wences. And that's not alright.

For one thing, it's really bad form to let an embattled, corrupt president put HIS OWN LAWYER on the highest court in the land. I can't help but think that, should a miracle happen, and any of the myriad influence-peddling, career-destroying, or system-gaming scandals were to actualy progress, the obvious conflicts of interest would be brushed aside quicker than you could say "What golf trip to Scotland?"

But there's an even more important and less ideological reason to oppose Miers. Now, admittedly, this reason requires taking George W. Bush at his word, but in this case, I think it's a safe bet. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"I know her well enough to say she's not going to change, that 20 years from now she will be the same person with the same philosophy she has today. She'll have more experience ... but nevertheless, her philosophy won't change, and that's important to me."

That's important to me too, because it's absolutely fucking terrifying. From a realpolitik standpoint, we all know what he was saying - NO SOUTER, PROMISE. The wingnuts hate the Souter, because they thought he was one of them, and it turns out instead he was human.

That's what humans do, you see. They change. That's what good judges do. They recognize changes in society, and let those changes affect their own thinking. They recognize when a particular genie has been evicted from its particular bit of ornate glassware, never to return. I don't care if a judge moves to the left, or moves to the right, or moves to the center. I just want to see some evidence those fuckers move.

But Miers already has her marching orders, and if Bush and the early evidence is right, she's got the fervor and the zeal to stick to them. She is the anatheme of an independent judiciary - independent neither in thought nor in politics, beholden to the man giving her the job, and apparently unwilling to consider any new ideas, even in a job she's never done for a single day of her life.

She's an awful, wretched choice, and the last thing we need is to let the right-wing's despair at not getting the Satan in a black robe they thought they were promised blind us to her countless, fatal flaws.

The last thing we need, but I'd lay odds it's the first thing we'll get.